I find the dress pretty elegant & sensuous and would like to wear one myself, but have certain

queries: I see that out of so many pics only four of the ladies are putting on something on the top. Of which the last lady is wearing a skin coloured bra and one of them a mini bustier, the lady in the black saree a mini top and the lady in green - a blouse rest all are topless! My Question 1. I would like to wear a saree do I have to go topless? Or should I wear a bra? should the bra be a lacy and sensuous one or can it be a padded one? 2. At the waist - Can the saree be tucked in to the garter? I find the petticoat a bit clumsy and difficult to manage. Please help. Brandi

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sarahpucci says

5 years ago
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