iPad 2 Release Date - Released on 2nd March 2011

Update: 12/11/2011 - Predicting something that has not been released yet is a really long shot but based on my experiences with Apple iPad and other products by Apple, I could sense where they were headed to.

My predictions about Screen Size went in the air because after seeing iPad 2 in front of me, I realized how dumb it was to even think of making a 7-inch iPad. 9.7-inch brings out the beauty of iPad 2 and with that in mind I headed for my next task.

After the release of iPad 2 on 2nd March 2011, my next task was to predict 'iPad 3 Release Date'. This is definitely a very long shot but based on what is going on in the Technology World. I think that I will be right about the most of it.

However, this time, I wouldn't sit back and relax when my predictions are turned down. I will update the article as soon as I hear great news about iPad 3.


Contents at a Glance

  • Screen Size
  • Resolution
  • Face Time
  • Conclusion

iPad 2 is a Gadget Star!!

There are many reasons to support the release of new Apple iPad 2. This not just a rumor and definitely not a lame guess. Apple had been tweaking their iPad for quite some time but for some real improvement, they might as well launch a brand new iPad. I am not sure about the name though, but Apple likes to name their sequels with numbers rather than juggled up words, so we can go for iPad 2.

All other companies are focusing on tablet PCs rather than Pads, but it would be just a matter of time before we see several leading gadget companies competing for their respective Pads (or whatever they might like to call them). So Apple needs to be focused and deliver more than just a single iPad with few software and OS tweaks.

Since, Apple’s iPad doesn’t have a hardware choice, like a different version with smaller screen or without camera or different quality of camera; therefore people had to satisfy themselves for a 9” version. A 9” display size is nice in every aspect but it makes the iPad a little too big to take anywhere comfortably. That’s why, Apple must give people few choices in regarding to their iPad.

The possible release date is by the end of this year, i.e. 2010 or precisely, around Christmas. That’d be a nice gift for all of us.

Old is Still Gold

Apple iPad 2
Apple iPad 2

Anyway, wondering about the room for improvements? Here, have a look!

A Smaller Screen Size

As I said above that 9” display is a little too big and doesn’t help in every aspect of a journey. So, what we need is to downscale the screen by 1 or 2 inches. Amazon’s Kindle got a very strong attention of people because of the choices it gave regarding its screen. Also, 7” display size is wonderful with many aspects, like taking it for a walk with you, enjoying some lonely moments, sharing something with friends, all of this, without carrying a heavy gadget in your backpack.

Also, a 7” or so, display size won’t trouble us with pictures or videos or reading PDF, docs, presentations, etc. So, seriously, why can’t we have an option of a 7” iPad? Of course we can and as long as Steve Jobs understands this, we are good to go with our fantasies.

Now, what would happen with iPad apps? Would they need a complete makeover or some replacement of coding here and there? Who knows?! I am not an iPad app developer. But I can only guess that those great brains will find a way to fit their amazing applications with the new iPad without much modification. Games will still look good on the new screen and we would be able to have fun just like before.

A better Screen Resolution

iPhone 4 has a better display than iPad, no doubt about it! That’s why many people want to work on their iPhone 4 rather than iPad because of the technology, ‘Retina Display’. We can hope for the same technology to make its way to iPad 2. May be, a better one that can blow away iPhone 4’s screen quality.

iPhone 4’s Retina Display is already blowing away several Smartphones and tablets, that’s why it’s definitely possible that a better display than Retina Display, would bring a surge of customers to iPad 2 over other gadgets for the same features. Retina Display brought liveliness in iPhone 4 and it can do the same with iPad 2.

A better screen resolution and quality would even calm down some disgruntled customers, who might not like a 7” iPad 2.

Facetime is Necessary

Let’s face it! Who would not want to chat with a buddy on a 7” display with amazing quality? Facetime made it possible to video chat without paying or compromising the cellular bills. Video conferencing over Wi-Fi was an amazing idea to include in iPhone 4 and it would give iPad 2 a jump start over other tablets and pads should they arrive at the same time in market.


With a smaller screen, we can have a lighter iPad. With a better Screen Resolution, we can have an amazing visual experience like we do on iPhone 4. With Facetime included, sharing on Wi-Fi would a heck lot fun than before.

Amazon’s Kindle 2 is still a great competitor for iPad, even if it’s smaller and mono-chrome. The light weight, book-like experience and better shades for fine readability makes it a great companion on the way. iPad has its own virtues over Kindle 2.

So we hope that Apple creates a better iPad by the end of this year that we can enjoy with our whole heart.

iPad 2 Trailer

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Comments 62 comments

Motorola Xoom profile image

Motorola Xoom 5 years ago

The only thing I see the iPad has going for it is its large developer support. Thats it, there are many more tablets out there like the Motorola Xoom that have more horsepower than the iPad2. Once Motorola enables Flash I believe that a lot of developers and users will start moving towards the Xoom.

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

Hi Georgie. This is an event by Apple to announce iPad 2 officially that it is real!! There can be two things, if Apple iPad 2 is stable for an Official Release as well, it will be announced and released on the same day, i.e. 2nd March 2011 or if it needs some more time for a stable version with everything in proper shape, then we may see some day in Release date, may be 1 week or a whole month.

That's something only Steve Jobs knows. So, let's wait for a week and everything will be out.

georgieboyxD 5 years ago

if apple announce the iPad 2 on the 2nd of march when will it be released

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

Hey there Billionare. The leaked spec sheet is up and running before the real thing comes.

iPad 2 with A5 processor and 10.1 display size, or something like that. Posted another article compiling all of them. U should check it out and tell me if you've got to add anything else.

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

Yeah and its very soon too. March 2 is just round the corner. Anyway, if u don't like iPad 2, Traci will be very happy to let u purchase the old one.

We'll see soon enough. Btw, abt those negative points on Xoom, add one more. 4G LTE will be available for only 6 months for free. So... if for some god-known reason we don't send our Xoom to Motorola back for an upgrade, who knows how much they will charge us for the upgrade. God... i hope 'free... free... free'.

billionaire12 5 years ago

March 2 wow and hopefully it will kill any speculation. My hunch seems to be right and that is Honeycomb, WebOs and Blackberry all looks great but will never catch up to IOS in terms of apps and operability. Some of the reviews for Xoom point to that as a negative. I have my dollars saved for the Ipad2 or I may buy Treadmill Traci's Ipad :)

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 6 years ago from Gwalior Author

@Traci - Yeah, i m sure you could wait a while. Btw u could still sell ur iPad. You know that iPad 2 will be pretty costly that many wouldn't be able to afford and also, it would be better to sell it sooner than later because Apple has the habit of slashing prices to a whopping 50%. It's your call Traci.

@Billionare - iPad 2 is scheduled for showcasing on 2nd of March. Hope it will be the official release. Yay for Drefish Blubber (read the comment about Leslie on this page).

@Aqua - your wait will pay off. March 2nd it is! It is ON! Big time!!

Aqua 6 years ago

I want an iPad but have decided to wait for iPad2. Hurry!

Saadi 6 years ago

Desperately waiting for it..

Billionaire12 6 years ago

kk it seems all of the typical tech websites are all citing the same rumors as far as specs. IMHO nobody will know the true specs till Apple decides to let it be known. Xoom has me a little curious but I am not feeling the need to sign up for a plan before you can even activate the wifi only version.

Treadmill Traci 6 years ago

I am wishing I would have waited for the Ipad2. It would be way cool to skype with my brother who is in Iraq!

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 6 years ago from Gwalior Author

You are not wrong Billionaire. But the case is still the same, will iPad 2 live up to the expectations? Will it provide a processor better than Tegra 2, which has the variation of 1.4 GHz for faster future pads or tablets? Who knows and who can tell? Leaked specs are another thing and officially announced is another. We'll wait and see if iPad 2 becomes a powerful contender or not.

Anyone, who gets a word about specs, plz tell us asap. We're dying to know if waiting for iPad 2 is worth it or not.

billionaire12 6 years ago

KK i still think the competition will always be one step behind. It seems all the competition did was take the complaints from Ipad and made their tablets based on that. I can see Ipad2 throwing another curve ball and the competition chasing again. I myself will wait till Ipad2 comes out and buy that. The clincher was looking at the apps already dedicated to ipad vs android based tablets

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 6 years ago from Gwalior Author

oh that's so cute. When is the baby gonna come? Apple is planning it for april release, but after xoom they might work out a quick release. You might expect it in march.

feb has already come to an end, so...

Drefish Blubber 6 years ago

Leslie wants it earlier can we have it before the baby is born?!?!?!?!

Treadmill Traci 6 years ago

Damn! I knew I should have waited for the ipad2 to come out :(

ruchai 6 years ago

I can not see how Apple can make Apple 2 to math Kindle 3 with the same price. I had my Kinle 3 for 6 months and use it more than 4 ours every day. I do not know how Apple (or Kindle) can make one that will be better than Kindle 3 @ $ 139!

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 6 years ago from Gwalior Author

of course you are not asking too much Juan. What you are saying is perfectly normal for a 2011 pad and certainly for iPad 2. However, an SD card slot for a next-gen pad is not suited. but you can have other things. Cheers.

The Juan and only 6 years ago

I'm waiting for the ipad2 to see what they have added. I want USB slots, SD card slot, better battery life, thinner, better resolution, camera and faster. I'm not asking for too much. ;)

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 6 years ago from Gwalior Author

@Scostanzo - You are right abt the fact that a folding mechanism would make carrying a 10-inch Pad easier. But with a folding mechanism, they still haven't figured out how to remove that slight scale from where the device (in this case iPad 2) will be folded. When they do, I m sure foldable pads and tablets will come around us. Anyway, you might have already heard abt dual-screen tablet. well, it is also foldable and both screens can actually expand the viewable area, making the experience that much more fantastic.

Jadens 6 years ago

I hope that ipad 2 can come earlier.

scostanzo 6 years ago

Why doesn't apple develop some sort of flipping or folding mechanism for the ipad 2 so carrying it around would be easier and more comfortable. It is 2011 and to say that this idea is unreachable just is not acceptable. This is just an opinion of mine that I have had for quite some time

iPhone casese 6 years ago

I cannot wait for the iPad 2 to come out hopefully it will be April at the latest.

MyNetGadget | Games, Tech, and Web 6 years ago

While rumors about the upcoming release of the iPad 2 is coming near, we get to discover that by Fall this year, Apple will release its iPad 3... now this is what you call a tablet overload.

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 6 years ago from Gwalior Author

Anytime Max. I'll keep you posted if I find some new info over the matter. ciao.

MAX 6 years ago

Thanks for the input KK. Guess we will just have to wait another week or so for more details on the Xoom and iPad2 features and release dates for the 2.

Stay tuned...

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 6 years ago from Gwalior Author

I am afraid but you are right. Xoom has android 3.0 (i.e. Honeycomb) and Optimus Pad is going to have the same interface.

The problem here is, no smartphone could withstand hacking.

Even PS3 was hacked by some group failoverflow.

However, iPad OS would not be that great. iPhone is hackable too and so is iPad and so will be iPad 2.

As for viruses, yeah they do effect Windows based OS greater than other OSs. So nothing to worry abt honeycomb friend.

You might have heard that yahoo took their apology back and blamed microsoft for data leak in windows phone 7 smartphones.

What i want to say, every device is hackable now. You just need to focus on features for now. I m sure privacy and security will be tightened in upcoming OS updates for whatever device you choose.

MAX 6 years ago

Hi KK, one of the other reasons I am considering apple is to reduce all the viruses associated with ANY Windows type OS. Correct me if I am wrong but doesn't the Xoom and the Optimus pad run Android on a Google OS similar to the old DOS (Windows) platform?

Anyone else please feel free to chime right in if you have any comments.

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 6 years ago from Gwalior Author

You're right Max. However, Xoom is currently running hot... too hot!! With that Tegra processor, it's blazing fast. I don't know if Apple are up for this Tegra 2 processor.

Anyways, it would be fine to wait a while. You might have heard about Optimus Pad, it delivers 3d. So, even if you don't like iPad 2 later on. You might like some other tablet or pad.

Thanks for updating me about your decision. :-)

MAX 6 years ago

Looks like I am going to wait for the iPad2. Talked to several about the apps for both. Sounds like the apple apps are a better quality and more secure than Androids. Also heard rumors there may be some code copy issues with Android that may have influence on future. Might be getting more info next week for iPad features and release date before Xoom release???

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 6 years ago from Gwalior Author

Not right now, but i'll tell you asap.

MAX 6 years ago

Thanks kk for the advice. I'm in no hurry (well kinda) but am willing to wait for the 2. Who knows, they might need to reduce the $ on the moto if the 2 has a tech edge. But, if the 2 is better then I'll go for that. The price isn't the only decision maker. Someone told me Android has a lot more free and $ apps over the iPad but I have no idea if that's true. Any idea how to get info on a data plan hack with the xda group?

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 6 years ago from Gwalior Author

Hey Max if you think that the idea getting stuck is lame and many would think so too, including me, i already am. So, there is certainly going to be some hack. I am sure that guys at xda developers will find their way around. Those guys have been hacking every single hardware regarding tablet, pads, mobiles and what not.

However, don't take your mind off iPad 2 just yet. It's going to be released in April, so they might have something special in their arsenal. wait for it...

MAX 6 years ago

I looked at the Moto Xoom and it does look sweet. Might have to change my mind about the iPad2. The only thing I DON'T like is the fact of getting stuck in a data plan for 2 years for the 3G @ $55/mo. Sure wish someone had a hack for that!!!

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 6 years ago from Gwalior Author

They might release two versions. Btw, speaking of large tablets, Motorola Xoom looks amazing, doesn't it?

Xerxes 6 years ago

I think apple should not change the screen size and

If they do they should offer both sizes.

steven 6 years ago

what will be the cost of IPAD2?I think It will be expensive.

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 6 years ago from Gwalior Author

The estimated release date is in April, as per rumours. And why is it such big deal about a 'smaller-screen'? Why can't you guys just be calm about having a smaller and portable version of iPad 2. The Truth guy is may be right about iPad mini or something. But come on, you do know that Apple wants to gain the lost market because of Galaxy Tab and don't forget CES 2011 mentioned some very tough and top-notch tablets and Pads (whatever you call them) for 2011, including a Tri-Super AMOLED screen tablet.

Anyways, there is one great rumour I read today, iPad 2 might have 5 MP camera for HD video capture and FaceTime.

MAX 6 years ago

Thanks for the info but I seriously doubt there will be a 7 inch model in the future. I doubt anyone will "WAIT" for a smaller screen if they really want the iPad 2, they'll buy it. As for the release date, with the news that Steve is leaving Apple for med. reasons, I suspect Apple will want to release the 2 sooner than later to help keep the stocks on the rise. If they wait to long and something seriously happens to Jobs, you could see stocks fall but the release of 2 will help soften any bad news.

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 6 years ago from Gwalior Author

crazy huh? May be, but well, unless you actually see a smaller ipad 2 you won't believe me anyway. In any case, thanks for sharing such a valuable information The Thruth. I hope that you are telling 'The Truth'!

The truth 6 years ago

Ok I want to give this info to som1 and ur the firs I clicked on so be gratefull .........

Ok so my friend who works in a apple disign thing told me that the ipad 2 will be started to be mad in febuary and the latest will be April (as the release date)

it will have cameras on both siddes and a bigger speaker it will have face time

and while reading this artical that u hav typed I was thinking that this guy was crazy OK

THE SCREEN WILL NOT BE SMALLER!!!! But they might make another new ipad mini around Xmas of 2011 so there u goooo!

MAX 6 years ago

Any late news on release date or config yet?

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 6 years ago from Gwalior Author

cost will be around the same as before. Old iPad will be brought to just half. Same story as iPhone 3g and iPhone 3gs. In India iPad is around Rs.32000/-. I think iPad 2 would cost around Rs.37000/- to Rs.39500/-

Madurai profile image

Madurai 6 years ago from Online

what will be the cost of IPAD?

Kobe 6 years ago

When is the exact release date

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 6 years ago from Gwalior Author

That's what I was saying. Anyway, Samsung's Galaxy tab 2 might be able to help you out (only if you are not stuck on buying a tab from Apple). It's coming with Android 3.5 you know and HDMI port as well.

I am sure you must have heard about it already but if you didn't, then, you are in for a treat friend.

profile image

guesson 6 years ago

I believe all tabs lack something so it's not like people are dumb in buying one over the other. For me personally, the iPad is still the most fun that I've used. I won't buy it though because it lacks a front camera. Once I can Skype on an iPad then I'm in. Would be nice to see maybe an hdmi out like on those new mac mini's. Just a thought

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 6 years ago from Gwalior Author

come on, it has been over a year (about to be till they release the thing) and that's no reason to not to buy someone's product bcz they have the tendency to release something better.

In any case, iPad sort of things are known as luxurious items and are definitely not a necessity, so you can grab a thing like iPad then you can certainly get a hold on iPad 2, ain't that right?

suejanet profile image

suejanet 6 years ago

This is typical of Apple. That's why I never buy any of their products until they have been on the market for a while and new versions released.

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 6 years ago from Gwalior Author

Thanks vijay, why don't you check out my latest articles via rss.

vijay 6 years ago


kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 6 years ago from Gwalior Author


Thanks for the motivation. :)

profile image

theipadtester 6 years ago

Keep working ,terrific job!

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 6 years ago from Gwalior Author

You're right .crash. But it's nothing to worry about. Flash support is going to be a must-have. Apple would never try to avoid it.

.crash. 6 years ago

and dont forgot the flash supporting

its very important 2

people now buy other tablets because it support flash

Eduardo, from Brazil 6 years ago

Hmm, Chris' comment makes sense. For instance, Magic Trackpad is large that way not only to fit the Wireless Keyboard size, but it is a lot more comfortable to use than the regular notebook-size pads. There's a physical limit to human 'resolution'.

Iglooset 6 years ago

Apple said no iPad at 7" size

SJKSJK profile image

SJKSJK 6 years ago from delray beach, florida

Good Hub, I have been waiting before buying one for the next version. let's see what happens with it.

Sodapophead 6 years ago

Every heard of an Ipod.

awesomeness79 profile image

awesomeness79 6 years ago from UK

Great, very up to date hub!

Chris 6 years ago

I think the iPad 2 is gonna stick with the 9" screen. I was listening to Apple's quarterly report the other day, and one thing Jobs made absolutely clear was that he hates the idea of a 7" screen that other tablet makers are using.

His reason is that there won't be ample space for users to flick, pinch, navigate apps conveniently. He compares it to having to shave down your fingers for a good experience with the iPad.

SubmissionWork profile image

SubmissionWork 6 years ago from India

Lets see when we will be able to see the new iPad.

This was the marketing strategy of apple. If they will provide everything in first version than who is going to purchase the second one that's why they did not added these features earlier.

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