Create a website for beginners in simple easy steps

Getting started

Creating a website!! Seems complicated hun? Heres a Quick and easy  guide  to create and launch your website step by step in just 10 mins. It taks just 3 main steps to set up a fully functional website.

1. Get a domain name resistered

2. Buy a webspace

3. Build a website

So lets get start.

domain names
domain names
build site
build site



First of all you need a webspace. To keep all your web contents and articles. there are many webhosting hosting companies all over the internet. they provide high quality service at just $4.80 to $6.5 per month. here are some of the best webhost providers:




4.Webhosting pad

here are some links that will help you to decide:

I like as it is free !! and is best to get started.( In this hubpage i shall only take example of and its like giving a name to your house (here its webspace). Now login to your vistapanel / cpanel whatever they call it.. now browse to your control panel .. and then to Addon domains.. After that scroll down.. you will see 2 server names like "" and "". Note them down, they will be useful in future.

And note many other things like

(a) your File Transfer protocol (FTP) server address

(b) your user name

(c) your MySQL server address


then resister in or or any other paid domain resistration.Such as .com or .org etc they are high level domains. They will have more priority than free domains in search engines . Which i shall discuss in my next hub.

Now choose a website name that best suits your website content and context . it should not be too long or too short too.

After that go into your account and then click on manage domain

Then click on your domain and then press the set up button

Then in Name Server dialog feed in the name server1 and name server 2 names (both) u noted earlier "ns1.domainname.domain "


In this step you just integrate the domain name (the one u just registered in

To do this.. Log in to your vista panel in ( .Then to Add on domains .. Then add the domain name registered Ex (don't add www )..This will create a directory in your webspace like " /home/vol12/ "

Now browse to Online file management or you can use any famous ftp client like Filezilla etc.. (ftp server address , username /password and port no. 21 is needed).If you browse into the folder , you will see a folder named htdocs . This is where your Website will live. Upload every thing to that folder not anywhere else.

Now create a data base to store your data in a much simpler and coordinated way .. To do that goto DataBase management>> MySQL databases >> create new database . That's it! too simple!

and note the database name like " fees0_7648xxx_wordpress_blog "

Now you are a step away from launching your website


Now its time to build your website.. and put your contents in it in some easy steps. you can use the help of many online site-builders. Ex.

Or you can make your own custom made website. The most famous website engines is Wordpress.

Download wordpress from And upload it after proper configurations to your webhost account. Visit My previous blog for configuring the wordpress instructions.Remember your username / password, your SQL server address and your database name.

Waallah.. you got your website set up in no time! wordpress its too handy and easy , you can understand yourself . If you can't, then feel free to ask! :)

Just creating a website wont be much help.. there must be readers to read your articles or to use the softwares , you need customers.. for that you need to optimize your site so that it makes good traffic from search engines (ex google , yahoo, bing, astalaviata, etc..)..

So stay tuned for SEO optimization tutorial in my next post!

or visit for more interesting tech articles

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Comments 13 comments

Graphic design 6 years ago

I must here here I got entirely extra ordinary tips in this compilation. Fair enough for the variation in designer’s ability. It’s so helpful & inspiring. Thanks for the role…!

simpy63 profile image

simpy63 6 years ago from Bhubaneswar, india Author


Ankita Kulkarni 5 years ago

Awesome Tuts.. .

Please provide such tuts with wordpress as in how u gave this blog...

i really look upto this site :)

Duno profile image

Duno 4 years ago from Brasov, Romania

I wasn't able to put my own files so I could see them when I enter my website URL, I was given some lame templates to choose from... thanks for the advice though.At least I tried.

simpy63 profile image

simpy63 4 years ago from Bhubaneswar, india Author

@Duno : where were you not able to put the files? files like .mp3 or .exe are not allowed in some servers. Could you please elaborate your situation?

Duno profile image

Duno 4 years ago from Brasov, Romania

So i got this website, which is 2 html pages + the images required. I followed the steps, and entered vista panel, also made a free domain, did all the steps, put up the files using the file manager, in the required folder, and then tried to do so when i enter my domain URL, to see my website page, which I renamed it index.html, but I could find where to do that, only some lame templates to choose from.

simpy63 profile image

simpy63 4 years ago from Bhubaneswar, india Author

@Duno: : You could delete ALL the files in /htdocs and upload your own webpages or files there using FileZilla FTP client.. This will delete all those pre defined templates and leave you with your pages only.

The homepage of your website is in by default "htdocs" folder and the first page that gets loaded is the file named as "index" .php or .html or .jsp or .asp ... So whatever you want to do do in that folder only..

Duno profile image

Duno 4 years ago from Brasov, Romania

yeah I put all the files in that folder. So you can't use the file manager instead of Filezilla?

simpy63 profile image

simpy63 4 years ago from Bhubaneswar, india Author

Of course you can use your online File manager....

Duno profile image

Duno 4 years ago from Brasov, Romania

Well, I put my website files in htdocs , and renamed my main one to index.html, but I still can't see it when I enter my URL....

simpy63 profile image

simpy63 4 years ago from Bhubaneswar, india Author

hmm.. i guess you will have to wait till it gets updates world wide.. it takes maximum of 48 hrs

Duno profile image

Duno 4 years ago from Brasov, Romania

"Congratulations! Your free hosting account has been activated.

Replace this index.html file with your website using FTP or the file manager." that's what it says.

I'll check back in 2 days. Thanks for the info.

simpy63 profile image

simpy63 4 years ago from Bhubaneswar, india Author

i'm Glad i could help :)

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