How To Convert any Volume Measurement English or Metric on Your Samsung Reality Cell Phone


Your Samsung Reality cell phone has a converter function that lets you convert just about anything.  One conversion is Metric to English or English to metric calculation.

Step 1

On your touch screen, go to your "Menu" icon then choose "Settings and Tools"

Step 2

Choose # 2 "Tools" on your Reality cell phone touch screen

Step 3

Choose #2 "Calculator" which is located toward the top of your cell phone.

Step 4

Select # 3 "Converter"

Step 5

Select "Volume". This will put you into the Samsung Reality cell phone metric to English or English to metric Volume measurement conversion screen

Step 6

Press the drop down arrow on your cell phone screen. Select gallon,cubic inches,cubic yard,liters, cubic meters, etc. This will determine which distance or length you are converting from.

Step 7

Enter the actual volume into the box on the top left of the screen (press the box first and a number pad will appear on the bottom of the screen). Press the "Done" button /bar at the bottom of the screen and volume will be converted to English and metric.

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NemoPDF profile image

NemoPDF 5 years ago

seems very useful. Thanks for sharing.

TurtleDog profile image

TurtleDog 5 years ago Author

Thanks NemoPDF! Hope this helped !

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