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Choose Toggle Camera Or Video Camcorder on Samsung Reality Cell Phone

Updated on January 15, 2011


I admit, I feel like a dope when I go to choose or toggle between camera or video camcorder on my Samsung Reality cell phone.  I'm not sure if I'm not techie enough, not coordinated enough, or, I guess this would help, not smart enough to read the manual again so I can get learn all my Samsung Reality cell phone nuances.

Until moments ago, when I had my epiphany on this subject, I was trying to select my camera by hitting the video camcorder/camera button on the side of the phone. Each time I did this I would get the Samsung Reality video camcorder, then I would hit the video camcorder/camera button again and the camcorder would activate.  The camera 'option' on the video camcorder/camera button seemed missing.

Here is a real simple step-by-step to choose or toggle between camera or video camcorder.

Step 1

Unlock your cell phone screen

Step 2

If you hold your cell phone vertically so that your cell phone lens is pointing away from you at the top of the camera you'll notice a button on the lower right side of your Reality cell phone.  The button has an image of a camera and camcorder.

Step 3a

If you want to activate the camcorder, press and hold down the button for about one second or so. The key is to hold down the button for a short, but not too short, a period of time. The Samsung Reality video camcorder will activate.  

If you want to start recording, hit the video camcorder/camera button one more time and you will begin to record.

Step 3b

If you wanted to activate the camera, press the camcorder / camera button again but immediately release the button. That is, press the button and release very quickly. No holding it down for one second like in the above step. The camera will activate.

If you want to take a picture, press the video camcorder / camera button and a photo will be taken.

I hope that helps!

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    • profile image

      Kelly 6 years ago

      When I want to record on my reality and send it to ppl it wont let me because it says size can I make my video longer and be able to send it to people or my webpage?