How to Edit Your Comments on Facebook

Facebook recently updated their commenting system to allow users to edit comments after they have been posted. This has been a feature for a while now, but previously the comments could only be edited within a few seconds and before anyone else commented below your comment. Now, this feature has been updated to allow for editing at anytime. However, a comment history will be saved to prevent users from editing their comments without anyone knowing.

Editing comments is fairly simple. Just hover over your comment you wish to edit. Click the pencil icon in the upper right corner and select "Edit."

Next, type your new text in the textbox and just hit Enter to save. It's quite simple!

Facebook will now add a small bit of text under your comment that says "Edited." This is a link that you or anyone else who can see the original post can see that gives notice that the comment has been edited. This prevents abuse of the system.

Clicking that link gives you an "Editing History" of that particular comment. It will allow you and everyone to see exactly what was changed and when.

This is a very small change that Facebook has made, but hopefully one that will cut down on the number of comments as people write "oops," "sorry misspelled that," and other changes to their comments. It will provide a more fluid interaction sequence for users.

At the same time, it is also important to make note of this feature even if you do not use it yourself. Be aware that any users on Facebook can now be editing their comments and always look for the "Edited" link.

If you have any questions, leave a comment!

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