How to open and read NFO files

This article explains how to read a .nfo file or document. These files are commonly found with torrent releases, and usually contain all the information for the torrent such as:

- Who created/released the files within the torrent (eg was it a ‘Scene’ release or created by an individual)

- Information on what is contained in the torrent.

- Contact details

- Software requirements

- Generally tagged with elaborate ASCII art

Opening & Reading the .NFO File

It is possible to open .nfo files with Notepad. You will notice just double clicking on the .nfo file will not do anything. You need to force it to open in Notepad.

To do this, right click the file and select ‘Open with’, and then choose ‘Notepad’. However reading .nfo files in Notepad is usually messy and difficult to read. I have included a screenshot below of a 'tag' from an NFO in Notepad:

As you can see, using Notepad is certainly do-able, but I find it detracts from the point and the fun of what .nfo files are and the reason that they exist.

I would recommend using either of the following free software programs:

- NFO Viewer

- DAMN NFO Viewer

If you use either of these programs .nfo files will open by default in your chosen viewer. No right clicking and open withing!

Here is a screenshot of the same ASCII tag in DAMN NFO Viewer:

And now you know how to open and read .NFO files! I hope this brief explanation was helpful for you.

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