Javascript: How to refresh parent window from a pop-up after closing pop-up

Description of javascript sample

Recently, I wrote a hub for creating a pop-up html window from a link. This article is a companion to that one. There have been times, that I gave the user a pop-up javascript window to edit or add to what they were already looking at. Maybe, there's an update to a database or an upload of an image, etc.

So, the user clicks the pop-up window link, makes the update or does whatever, and you want them to click the "close window" link, which will close the pop-up and refresh the parent window displaying the new data, images, etc., that they user just completed from the pop-up. Rather than the user having to use the refresh option of the browser. It just makes it a better user experience online. One less step for them to worry about.

Sample Javascript

Place the following javascript code between the <HEAD></HEAD> tag of your <HTML> page.

<SCRIPT language=JavaScript>
function win(){

Sample HTML code for Close Button

Below is the sample HTML code for a close button on your page to close the pop-up window, and refresh the parent window.

<input type=button onClick="win();" value="Close This Window" style="FONT-SIZE: 10px">

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