Nokia 600 amazing 1 GHz processor phone with price Rs.12999 /$280

Nokia 600. 1GHz processor phone with Rs.12999 only
Nokia 600. 1GHz processor phone with Rs.12999 only

'Loudest Nokia phone' ever released is the description that Nokia give for the new Nokia phone Nokia 600. It comes as a middle priced one in the newly released Nokia phones Nokia 500, 600, 700,701. It comes with Symbian Belle as operating system. This phone supports Operating system wide Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. It is mainly a multimedia oriented phone. It comes preloaded with some games that we can play using NFC technology enabled phones. For example if you have two NFC enabled phones, you can play preloaded games like Angry birds and Fruit Ninja which support NFC play. Also there is a very good one tap share option between NFC enabled phones

This phone has some additional multimedia features that you can find in none of other phones. First of all is that it posses the loudest speaker that you can find in any of Nokia phones. Also there is an inbuilt FM antenna in this camera. So you will not need to use your headsets as antennas for listening to your favorite FM channel. Also there is a FM transmitter inside the phone allowing you to broadcast the songs in your phone like your own FM channel over a small distance. So when you are in Cars you can listen to the musics in the phone through car stereos even if your car music player does not support Bluetooth play back . Configuration that you can find in this phone, can never be found in any other phone of same price range.

Nokia 600 (Price $280 Rs:12900 Euro180)

It is another low priced newly released low end smartphone from Nokia. If you have a glance through the configurations of the phone you can find that this configuration can be found only in high end smartphones. But Nokia has made these features available at the price of a low end smart phone

Operating system( Symbian Belle)

Symbian Belle is the latest release of Symbian 3 series. It supports system wide NFC support capabilities. There is one tap sharing between NFC phones in Belle phones. It supports up to 6 home screens. Also there is a re sizeable widgets as part of this new OS. It allows extensive control over the widget. Another one major change Symbian made is the introduction of Android style notification panel

Processor (1GHz ARM 11 processor)

All the new phones released by Nokia recently contains the very same 1GHz processor. This processor is far better than the processors used in the low end android phones (600MHz ARM 6 processor). So the performance is guaranteed. But the problem is that how much new Symbian Belle will be able to harness from this processing power. Because for fully converting the performance of the hardware you will need supporting software. Android has proved as such an operating system. But Symbian is yet to prove that it is such an operating system.

RAM (512MB RAM and 1GB ROM)

512MB is more than what you will need in a smart phone.Especially considering that Symbian is good in working with low RAM phones. Hence this RAM will provide excellent multitasking capabilities. Also there are some operating system wide improvements to support multitasking in Symbian belle operating system. The size of live icons which are animated to indicate running apps has increased, making it easy to identify which are the apps running in the background. Also the 1 GB ROM is purely dedicated for the Symbian operating system. In addition to this there is an additional internal memory of 2GB making the operation of the phone smooth even without a memory card

Camera (5MP Fixed focus)

It is a 5MP fixed focus camera with LED flash supporting HD video recording at 720p. But the auto focus capability is missing in the camera. This is a severe drawback. In this price range phones most of them are providing auto focus camera even if the capacity is less than 5MP. The advantage of having an auto focus camera is while taking photos of two dimensional plane objects for use in some applications like QR reader. There is some inbuilt functionality in the camera like face detection, exposure control, Geo tagging self timer etc. But the lack of having an auto-focus camera is a drawback.

Screen (TFT Capacitive touch screen)

This phone comes with a 3.2 inch TFT capacitive touch screen with 16M colors. 360 x 640 pixels resolution is also good enough. Multitouch is also supported. Hence the display is good in this price range. Its display is integrated with two sensors light sensor and proximity sensor. Light senor adjusts screen brightness according to the surrounding light conditions. Proximity sensor is also used get some energy saving functions.

Battery(1110mAh Lithium Battery)

Battery is only average in this price range. Also considering the fact that it needs to light up a 3.2 inch screen, it is not that good. But as Nokia phones are able to last long in batteries of less capacity it may not be a big problem. Also Symbian versions so far are not that battery hungry as Android. But for getting the results of Symbian Belle we need to wait and see

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icciev profile image

icciev 5 years ago from Kuwait

thanks for the overview, but for me I don't see Nokia competing in the Cell phone and PDA market any more, their market share has dropped from 70% to less than 10% Since the iPhone. Nokia are only a hardware manufacturer, its a great phone but at the end its just a phone, Nokia may come back if the gain an allaince witha giant software company like microsoft!! would you agree with that.

vinner profile image

vinner 5 years ago from India Author

Surely alliance with Microsoft will help Nokia. But the power of Nokia to come up with trend setting products cannot be ruled out

icciev profile image

icciev 5 years ago from Kuwait

I am Not saying that Nokia is a bad company, but todays market really need Innovation. its nor more carying a phone its feeling the phone. and this exactly what happened with the iPhone..and this is exactly what Nokia needs Microsoft.

vinner profile image

vinner 5 years ago from India Author

Hai icciev, I agree to your point. Let us wait and see how much Nokia can harness from the collaboration with Microsoft

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