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SkyPip Review

3 stars for SkyPips

SkyPips, The New Writting Site

I just got an email 10 minutes ago about this new site, SkyPip. Being an old Bubblews user and a present Hubpages user, although mostly inactive, I have my toll of experience on websites that pay their users for generating content.

If you yourself come from a similar experience, unless you write for Hubpages, you must know that this is darn hard to make a living out of. Side income is a more proper word. SkyPip looks very similar to Bubblews, and many other websites that tried to imitate its style. Bubblews sunked, died, Kaboom! Ok, maybe it is still around, but is only a shadow of what it used to be.

Bubblews used to pay its users loads of money for each view. And they did pay, at first. I believed I made around $500 dollars in a year publishing articles on Bubblews. In the end Bubblews didn´t pay me an additional $500 dollars they owed when they went bankrupt. Hopefully this won´t happen to SkyPip, but can this site flourish? That depends if the creators learned from others mistakes. Searching online for SkyPip Review I only found site data saying it was born 17 days ago, so history remains to be written here.

SkyPip Payment System

This is my initial payment status, no posts writen so far.
This is my initial payment status, no posts writen so far. | Source

SkyPip Payment System

The first aspect that tells me SkyPip has a chance is they payout, it is not great, which makes it very realistic.SkyPip will pay its users 90% of every revenue produced by advertising.

90% sounds breathtaking, but it really isn´t if the site has no SEO rank, and as of September 2015 the site is brand new. It still needs a year to prove itself to Google, and most of the content generated on these writing sites, if not closely monitored by the admins, is not high quality. Hubpages has survived the ages by being strict about every piece of content that is publish here.

So there isn´t much chance of ranking high on Google and generating tons of revenue from external traffic, for that the best option is this site.

SkyPips is what I call I micro blogging site. Not so micro as Twitter but 250 words per article make it micro. The best way to make revenue is by socializing with others across the site. And here is where SkyPips goes wrong. There is no way to follow other users. You can click on their names and see what they have written but not follow them or message them. BIG MISTAKE.

The great success of Bubblews during its reign was how addictive the community was, they worked together, we threw Friday parties together for god’s sake!

Payment Per View

$0.005 cents

They do not hide that aspect from you, that is what is says on their terms once you join. And revenue payment can change whenever they like, that is also in the terms and conditions which is normal in this industry.

Is the pay too low? No, like I said, that is the payment necessary for the site to make a living, especially with only 10% earnings from advertising. But they will have a tough first year harnessing the army of writers needed to make that 10% worthwhile.

Minimum Payment

The minimum payment in SkyPip is $20, payable through Paypal once the goal is reached.

How fast can a user expect to reach these $20 dollars?

With steady writing, meaning 3 posts a day (the maximum a day are 10), I would say 3 to 4 months, and that is only if the posts are of high quality.

Right now users face an advantage. As there are very few new users those who publish have a high chance of being featured on the home page, just like Bubblews did. Being in the home means possible hundreds of views from prospect users, and there always are.

Being featured on the Homepage is the best money making strategy right now, so go with topics the admins might consider worthwhile.

Site Structure

If you have worked with WordPress before SkyPip will be a stroll in the park, if you haven´t prepared to work from the background.

SkyPip works directly from a well-recognized WordPress template, it is the same Bubblews used in the end and that made other copycats used. I guess that makes this site a Bubblews copycat as well, with the minor difference that when writers register they get an author user in their WordPress.

I actually like this aspect, as WordPress already comes with nice functionalities that cost nothing to the developers.

SkyPip Home Posts

Most post names are still low keyword valuable, most are personal journals
Most post names are still low keyword valuable, most are personal journals | Source

SkyPips Requirements

Before I end this review, which I will enhance with the passing of time, let me highlight the key aspects to take in mind if you are thinking of writing for SkyPips:

  • Minimum words per post, 250.
  • No external links, although I believe it is possible to link your own internal content, and you should.
  • Every post should have at least one featured image, that is the photo in the WordPress on the right-down corner. You can insert more photos through the button “Media Content”. It is smart to give it a keyword name, description, alt text etc. Once you insert the image click on the “pencil button” to edit once more, and fill in the image title for more SEO potential. Make the photos unique or copyright free.
  • No affiliate links, bummer. But obvious.
  • No ad blocker
  • And most IMPORTANTLY, NO “Hello World”, “Hi!” or any other potato posts that have no search-ability. Unfortunately I have already seen many of those which proves they are not moderated fast enough.


This is the part I did not like, once I removed the ad blocker from this site pop-ups began to spring-up. The bad kind, very scammy looking. Viewers who come will run away once they see those pop-ups creating a huge bounce rate which in turn will lower SkyPip´s SEO potential. Not good, not good at all.

So Is SkyPips A Good Writing Site?

I will give it a try for a few weeks to see how it goes, but the most solid of all user earning writing sites is this one, Hubpages.

And to not leave this question open, the balance is more to the negative side than to the positive right now. SkyPips does have some interesting features, but so far is just looks like another cheap copycat of a model that failed with Bubblews.

SkyPip Review

Is SkyPip a Good Writing Site?

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© 2015 David Trujillo Uribe

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Comments 16 comments

RonElFran profile image

RonElFran 17 months ago from Mechanicsburg, PA

Thanks for alerting us to this new site. From your description it doesn't seem like it's quite ready for prime time yet. I'll wait and maybe take a look further down the road - if it's still around then.

David Trujillo profile image

David Trujillo 17 months ago from Medellin, Colombia Author

What I like about these micro writting sites is how easy it is to write and post. It takes a lot of trimming and editing here in Hubpages, but there is like a walk on the park. 250 words minimum is less than a page

Gina145 profile image

Gina145 17 months ago from South Africa

I got that email too, but I've no intention of joining. I'm guessing that they got my email address from CGP Gallery and that site was a disaster, so I really don't trust Skypip. I hope I'm wrong.

David Trujillo profile image

David Trujillo 17 months ago from Medellin, Colombia Author

Hmmm, I also joined CGP Gallery at one point. I was planning on doing a review on that one but I never really tried it out. Alot of Bubblew´s displaced ended up there. But I learned manny got bored after a few days.

Why was CGP a Disaster?

Gina145 profile image

Gina145 17 months ago from South Africa

CGP was a disaster because nobody ever got paid. The site was based in Bangladesh and I believe when it came time to pay members they discovered that they weren't able to use PayPal. I'm not sure whether that was the real reason though or just an excuse.

David Trujillo profile image

David Trujillo 17 months ago from Medellin, Colombia Author

Its seems those sites are traps for those who loved the money making concept. But the system is not sustainable.

Nycke profile image

Nycke 17 months ago from Philadelphia PA

I joined the site last week but haven't done much there at all. I go in and look around but I just leave because after that hassle I don't feel like another. I haven't done much here either though to be honest.

YouGet1Shot profile image

YouGet1Shot 17 months ago from USA

Hey David,

I just got that email this morning from Skypip, so I googled it and your hub came up. I did Bubblews and CGP too (hotpocket), and I appreciate that Bubz at least paid me all my redemptions, but I quit when they shafted all those writers after stringing them along for months, promising to pay them.

After seeing how much Skypip pays out ($0.005 per page view, I assume), I won't be spending my time there. I can make better money on my own niche sites or even on Textbroker.

Thanks for the review. It was helpful.

Hey, so it's been a few weeks since you wrote this; how have you made out on Skypip? Making any money? Received any payouts yet?

David Trujillo profile image

David Trujillo 17 months ago from Medellin, Colombia Author

That´s OK Nicole... I´ll wip you into action! hehe!

This site is great, but takes some time to publish somethign and sometimes payments are slow. But it is the most solid writting site I have joined, at least from the ones that accept internationals.

David Trujillo profile image

David Trujillo 17 months ago from Medellin, Colombia Author

Hi 1 Shot,

Nah. I didn´t find the time to spend there. You have to write a lot to see how much you can make and I do not want to waste it. They keep emailing new revenue streams, challenges that pay etc. But I know its a dead system, people will only remain active if it pays high like Bubblews did, but the payment sheme like it is right now is like slavery. Yu can make your time account else where. These sites need to understand that most of their users are unemployed that really need the money, so there is no waiting time to receive 5 bucks.

Hubpages is more for the laid back passive income since your articles make very little but everyday, even if you write of not.

Forex is my future aim for big passive income, but its hard and I have struggled. I keep learning though and see it as an investment for the future.

YouGet1Shot profile image

YouGet1Shot 16 months ago from USA

I just got another email from them a couple days ago, stating that they're paying 1 cent for every 2 page views.

I rolled my eyes and sent it to my spam folder. I'm not going to risk wasting time there just to find out months later that they won't pay me. Maybe it's legit, but after the Bubblews fiasco, I'm just not interested in jumping into new sites.

David Trujillo profile image

David Trujillo 16 months ago from Medellin, Colombia Author

Yeah, I got that email as well. Is just too much work for nothing, they don´t get that. I am sticking with Hubpages and my other online writing as well. Are you monetizing your personal blogs some way?

YouGet1Shot profile image

YouGet1Shot 16 months ago from USA

Just AdSense and Amazon. A few of them do okay (anywhere from $10-$100/month), but others earn $1 or less. I'm actually going back to freelance writing for clients now to pay the bills. Hopefully that'll work out better than blogging.

David Trujillo profile image

David Trujillo 16 months ago from Medellin, Colombia Author

Hope it does,

how much do you charge per article? Just for referrence

YouGet1Shot profile image

YouGet1Shot 16 months ago from USA

Hey David,

I'm shooting for the 10 cents per word range, but I might make an exception and go down a little lower for some clients, just to get some income rolling in. But I need to move away from those $5 and $10 articles that I've been doing for Textbroker the past few years. I can't pay my bills with that. I just burn out trying to mindlessly crank those things out.

I'll be focusing more on topics that I have personal knowledge and experience in. Topics will include health and fitness, family life, personal finance, entrepreneurship, and Internet marketing.

If you know anyone who needs a freelance blogger in those spaces, that'd be awesome if you could put us in touch. Like...REALLY awesome haha.

David Trujillo profile image

David Trujillo 16 months ago from Medellin, Colombia Author

That´s good, the rate is a ittle over to what the websites that I work with pay. But its good to have reference.

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