Top iPad Apps

Since the debut of the iPad in 2009, thousands of applications have flooded the Apple Store that have helped to further boost sales of the world’s first highly-functional tablet PC. Just like iPhone apps have helped to make the iPhone the most popular phone in the world, iPad apps provide increased functionality and interactive tools for its many users. iPad apps can be downloaded directly from the device in the Apple Store. Some applications are free to download and use, while others have to be purchased.

Some of the top iPad apps are those that have been downloaded the most often and have rave reviews amount users. Many of the iPad apps available are downloadable games, but others are useful tools that either increase the functionality of the device itself or provide essential updates for people interested in sports, business, or finance.

Apple iPad
Apple iPad

Air Display is perhaps one of the most popular iPad applications to date. With it, users can operate their device as an additional wireless display on any home network. When the device is placed next to any PC or MAC computer, programs and files can easily be dragged from the computer to the device. The app is developed by Avatron Software, and is available from iTunes for $9.99.

CNBC Real Time delivers current finance reports, business news, and stock updates through an interactive interface. The app is rapidly becoming one of the top iPad finance apps on the market. It can be downloaded for free through iTunes.

Angry Birds was first released as a game for the iPhone. Later, software producer Chillingo created an HD version for the iPad that offers improved graphic display. The game offers over 100 levels of play. Pigs have stolen the birds’ eggs, and the object of the game is to get revenge on the pigs. Angry Birds can be downloaded from iTunes for $4.99.

Another iPad app game that has a number of positive reviews among users is Plants vs. Zombies HD. The game was created by PopCap Games, and the HD functionality makes graphics more attractive than ever before. The input from the iPad also allows players to use the touch screen functionality instead of the click of the mouse used in the computer version. Plants vs. Zombies is available from the Apple Store for $9.99.

For stock traders and those interested in business, the Bloomberg app is also a favorable finance app. The application provides real-time stock reports and tracking data. Access to Bloomberg News is also available through the app. Additional features include customizable charting, multiple indexes, currency exchanges, and Bloomberg podcasts. The app is free from the iTunes store.

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