Why We Don't Have Available Teslian Technology

Young Tesla is seated in front of his spiral transformer. He is single handed in his responsibility for the major electrical technological advances of the 20th century.
Young Tesla is seated in front of his spiral transformer. He is single handed in his responsibility for the major electrical technological advances of the 20th century. | Source

There are three reaons that block the development of free electrical energy

It's been in existence for nearly a century and yet we do not have access to it beyond the humble remote control and the the miraculous cell phone. Instead, we are fettered to a profit generating scheme with enough wire to circle the earth thousands of times. We are trussed like a collective Christmas ham by all the wiring and metering that is designed to suck out every vestige of energy we can sweat out. Like a huge umbilical chord, we are tied and helpless to the power corporation that ever demands a ransom if we want to have light in the dark, heat in the cold and food on the table that is not spoiled to being completely inedible. We have been reduced or kept at a stage of permanent infancy, completely at the mercy of the merciless. We have been sold the consumerist life hooked on the narcotics of oil, wired power, convenience and so on. We think we are working more effectively, but as a group we are working harder than ever before for a lot less. We are told that these are the facts of life and that there is no such thing as an alternative, let alone a free lunch. That is reserved for the parasitic elite who luxuriate in indolence off the sweat and agony of our overworking from which they profit

But, wait; there is a proven alternative and we already see hints of it all around. Two have already been mentioned. The unsung and mostly censored genius and liberator of humanity behind this is Nikola Tesla. During his lifetime, he developed and patented over 700 working concepts and technological breakthroughs. Here are some that we do use in addition to the remote control and cell phone. These are radio, x-rays, transformers, AC current, the poly-phase electric motor, a VTOL aircraft, robotics, the bladeless turbine, fluorescent lights, wireless power transmission and other items we take for granted. And yet, with everything tied up in oil, gas, coal and nuclear power to run things, we are overlooking something very important. We have been convinced that we cannot do without things just the way they are and when the oil runs out, so do we. Beneath the surface lurks something else.

It has been a long road to get where we are and much of it has been manipulated for profit for vested interests in oil, gas, coal and uranium with bankers and corporate backing. As long as they can be suppliers to a consuming mass of humanity who are convinced there is no other way, that is as long as the profits will be made and as long as we continue to live and believe in this manufactured illusion. We are presented with alternatives that are weak at best and offer a sharply reduced quality of life. But even these solutions are kept that way in order to maintain the status quo. There are much better solar cells and much better ways to derive power from wind, but these are not released or made available to the public. As examples, there are solar cells that operate in the infra red and work day and night, clear weather and cloudy. There are wind turbines mounted in such a way as to tap an artificial vortex to go non stop and not reliant on the vagaries of windy weather at all as they make their own wind. Though some regions tap geothermal energy, most that can, don't. Then there are all those cars and trucks that need refined oil in the way of gasoline. Originally, many of these ran on alcohol, but this through political manipulation gave way to the crude oil industry as a consequence. Now we are apparently stuck in a dwindling oil trap with the view of a future of a stone age. This does not have to be so and there are plenty of answers for the looking and development. Tesla provided many.

Another piece in the puzzle is the deliberately educated ignorance of the people who are dumbed down. On the surface we are brought up to believe there is no other way than the way we do things. A casual look into recent history and around different cultures reveals that this is far from true. In Iran, they have been air conditioning homes and buildings for centuries without the use of any moving parts or electricity. There is also a form of refrigeration without ice or electricity that works entirely through evaporation. Other wonders abound that prove that the oil based way of life with all that electrical wiring is not the only way to go. And yet for want of knowledge, these ways are not pursued to any great extent, or at least as much as to pass a tipping point and bring it into reality. The chief problem here is one of ignorance bolstered by the propaganda that what we have is the best possible of all possible systems.

The third issue the stands as the dragon at the gate is poverty among the people, especially those who are aware and lack the investment. This follows right in the steps of Tesla who had his source of income cut off more than once. In the book; Tesla; Man Out of Time, we are told that this genius was at one time forced to work as a ditch digger. There are many other geniuses out there that are similarly forced by shear economic repression to do similar things in the hope that in some day, their dream may be realized if they are patient enough and can survive the duration of denial. As the economy is in very few hands that is only concerned about absolute control, power and wealth, all other priorities and especially those that threaten this way of life, are denied even a hearing let alone support, financial, moral or otherwise. As most of the wealth is concentrated in the hands of some 300 families and the rest of humanity have to make do with less than 10% of the resources they themselves produced from their own sweat and toil, the resulting poverty acts as a wall against inventiveness and ingenuity. In fact, anything that threatens to topple the existing order is stopped one way or another. The mighty Tesla, genius of our age, was thwarted by “mere” economics. He ended his days in a seedy hotel with only pigeons as friends, an inglorious end to a superman. When he died, and some speculate that he was assassinated, the CIA invaded his room and confiscated all his notes and sequestered the knowledge meant for humanity for only a select few who turned the ideas on their head for use as weapons of war and oppression.

Tesla's ideas emerged and are used in common communications networks today as well as devices like HAARP, GWEN or DARPA that are run in secret for purposes that many can only speculate. HAARP, GWEN and DARPA all work on Tesla's ideas of wireless transmission of electrical power on the order of Gigavolts and Teravolts. They work based on the standing electrical vibration of the Schumann Cavity and can tap it and manipulate it to the desired ends of those who run the devices. The people are given the Hertzian frequency solutions of dissipative energy instead of the Teslian frequency of self enhancing and building frequencies solution based on resonant pumping, akin to what we all know of lasers. The main import behind much of his work was based on resonance.

These three limits, greed/profit, poverty and ignorance are a bar to the unleashing of Teslian technology and energy for humanity. What we require is the end of greed and profit motivated plunder, the real end of poverty and the encouragement and unfettering of true research and enlightenment. Until these basic issues are addressed, there will be no liberation of Tesla's unique contributions to humanity in general. They will remain the playthings of the elite, much in the way the ancient sophisticated technology was the reserve of ancient priests and kings in Greece. Rome and in Mesoamerica.

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Jonesy0311 profile image

Jonesy0311 5 years ago

I never hear about Tesla anymore. How did we get stuck with Edison? Tesla wanted to deliver free energy to the entire world and effectively harnessed the power of Niagra Falls. All Edison ever did was create a sub-standard form of electricity that would require a power station every couple of miles. Tesla was a true genius, the kind that only come around once in a generation...if we're lucky. Great hub.

amillar profile image

amillar 5 years ago from Scotland, UK

Now that is interesting, but not surprising.

christopheranton profile image

christopheranton 5 years ago from Gillingham Kent. United Kingdom

Perhaps the ideas of Tesla may make a comeback, now that the oil is running out.

Jonesy0311 profile image

Jonesy0311 5 years ago

I remain convinced that the U.S. government has a Tesla death ray in operation. The FBI confiscated all of Tesla's work immediately after his death. With a few decades to work on it, I shudder to imagine what they have been able to build.

syzygyastro profile image

syzygyastro 5 years ago from Vancouver, Canada Author

To say the least, it's mind boggling! As for a Tesla comeback, there is one under way in a manner of speaking via long range WiFi, cellphones, GPS and the like. But do you know that things like cell phones and laptops shouldn't even need batteries of solar cells if they were designed or retrofitted just a bit to power them from a Tesla like grid? Tesla set up Wardenclyffe in NY to do just this, but when J/ P. Morgan realized that you can't meter wireless power and that this would put him out of business, he cancelled the funding and had the project torn down. Now we can build such devices again and do it locally on a smaller scale to keep it within costs. Tesla laid the ground work and it will take the people to revive his work.

There are operational death rays used by the US and it is suspected, the former USSR. I would not be surprised if China has one. There is a documentary that shows the death ray in action. Anything thrown into the path of the active beam is instantly vaporized literally in a puff of smoke.

Christopher Price profile image

Christopher Price 5 years ago from Vermont, USA

Tesla may have been the most creative genius the world has ever known, but it is his humanity that truly sets him apart from otherwise great innovators.

Can you imagine Tesla's quote at the end of the second video being made by Edison? Hah! Edison was a better marketer and pitchman than he was inventor. Many of "his" inventions were based on, or stolen from, devices other people had created. A version of the motion picture was in use but not patented, so Edison jumped to profit from its potential. Scientists and technicians working in Menlo Park developed many of the other inventions attributed to Edison.

It's a pity that the desire for making a buck off the process prevented the benefit of boundless, free electricity for all of mankind, I wonder, if someone came up with a low cost or free cure for all of mankind's major diseases, would the medical profession, drug companies or health insurers allow it to be made public?

This was a superior piece. If I needed to be any more frightened by the greed and recklessness of the military/industrial complex and its complicit cadre of lapdog scientists you have given me plenty of reason here.

I WILL be passing this article along. I hate to show it to my children, but they need to know what they're up against.

Thanks...I guess!



Christopher Price profile image

Christopher Price 5 years ago from Vermont, USA

BTW, did you notice in the second video that Newt Gingrich wrote the introduction to one of the government proposals for HAARP? There's a ringing endorsement from a likely suspect!


syzygyastro profile image

syzygyastro 5 years ago from Vancouver, Canada Author

The same Newt Gingrich who was a candidate in the Repub primary but "shot himself in the foot" due to his own arrogance. I am not surprised at all by the HAARP endorsement.

lundmusik profile image

lundmusik 5 years ago from Tucson AZ

Fascinating -- didn't understand everything completely,, but evidence of entrenched business interests are all around,, like the Boone Pickens effort to convert commercial vehicles to natural gas being effectively blocked by the oil industry, at least so far.

I look forward to reading your other hubs.

prasad3251 5 years ago

In India, as per vedic Astrology, we believe that a big transformation is indicated; Free energy could be the one; Off the grid and off the greed is sure way to peace and prosperity;The ancient vedic wisdom , unfortunately fewer persons now practice; The new age might propel more to adopt with availability of free energy... for us to pursue pure art.. The article is well marshelled and hard hitting.

CWanamaker profile image

CWanamaker 5 years ago from Arizona

Some of the things that you brought up are truly intriguing. I do agree that Tesla was censured and that there exists many inventions and technologies that we don't use because of greed, etc. However, I think that when the oil runs out, so will the profits for those industries. That's when they will get off all of the patents they are sitting on and start making something else. Greed can be a force to bring change, but only when the time comes. The best thing we can do is try and band together and bring change to our friends, family, and communities. It won't be easy, but it can done.

Also, all patents are a matter of public record and there is nothing stopping people from looking at the plans and building their own stuff. Yeah you can't sell the devices, but at least you can get yourself off grid and stop handing over cash to the oil tycoons.

syzygyastro profile image

syzygyastro 5 years ago from Vancouver, Canada Author

What has been discovered and kept in secret can be rediscovered. History bears this out.

prasad3251 5 years ago

The forest is a peculiar organism of unlimited kindness and benevolence that makes no demand for its sustenance and extends generously the products of its life activity; it is affords protection to all beings, offering shade even to the axeman who destroys it.

-Gauthama Buddha

According to Human Development report,Industrialized countries possess 97% of patents;which are again owned by Trans national corporations;More so the patents in the field of biodiversity/food/agri from developed nations;The so called heritable knowledge becoming veritable and perennial income as royalties for trans nationals;The Western paradigm claims to bring development to the world`s people, especially in the third world, while what we see is an opposite outcome.

Hence the point is , let us go back to the rule of jungle;As Buddha defined.

syzygyastro profile image

syzygyastro 5 years ago from Vancouver, Canada Author

There are big earth changes afoot too, and some scientist are very nervous about a possible mega tsunami in the near future that will wipe out much of the developed world. With this resetting of the clock so to speak, there will be suddenly room for new and innovative ways of doing things. If on the other hand, there is no tsunami, the economic one will do much of the same job, but over a longer period.

prasad3251 5 years ago

I am tempted to include a link here, that appeared in India News,earlier this year.


Hubauthor's wish can be fulfilled, by rediscovering the heritage knowledge ; By focusing all the human capital available now.

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