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Advantages of running your blog on blogger for ease in gaining followers?

Is there an advantage to running your blog on the blogger site in order to be a part of the community or will you be better of running your blog on your own site for the extra freedom? What I mean to ask is wheather or not having people who are part of blogger be able to easily follow your site is worth it or should I just run an independent site blog.

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Brittany Kennedy (brittanytodd) says

5 years ago
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SPomposello says

5 years ago
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    Rachael Cleveland (rmcleve) 4 years ago

    Do you have a way of adding SEO descriptions on Blogger if you pay for the year? That's something that's very important to me, but I love the simplicity of Blogger and Wordpress. Gotta have traffic, though!

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Aditya (whizcreed) says

5 years ago
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