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Why should I bother with a contract cell phone?

My cell contract will be up soon and looking at the monthly options they appear to be priced better than my 2 year agreements were. Other than not having the latest and greatest cell phone (iPhone 5, Galexy S3, etc) why should I bother with a contract with the big carriers when I can get a non-contract phone on the same networks? I'm looking for a counter argument for going with a Verizon, Sprint, AT&T or carrier of your choice.

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Jacob Smiley (Jake4102) says

4 years ago
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    Marc Rohde 4 years ago

    Great feedback! I have had contract for years and never seriouly looked at the monthly options until recently and was supprised that one carrier actually dropped the monthly bill by up to $15 for on-time payments over 6 months.

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Peeples says

4 years ago
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Mark (manthy) says

4 years ago
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