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Is Internet Social Media helping to bring about world unity?

With hundreds of millions of people booting up their PCs, laptops, tablets and smart phones every day and tuning into sites like Face Book and voicing their opinions on all manner of events, is this bringing greater tolerance and understanding into the world? Or is it polarising groups and creating a 'We versus them' world? I think the former - in the long term. Your views, please.

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Gene Poschman (gposchman) says

23 months ago
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    Tom Ware (Tusitala Tom) 23 months ago

    A wonderfully in depth answer, Gene, and I concur with your findings. You know, even before I got to Lincoln's quote it had already arisen in my mind. And, of course, less people are being fooled all the time. Like you, I'm an idealist.

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peachy (peachpurple) says

23 months ago
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Tim Anthony (WestelCS) says

23 months ago
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