Facebook Games Status-likes It long And Hard? Likes It Wild And Fruity?

Last week women everywhere were updating their Facebook status with comments such as

'I like it on the kitchen floor'

This was in aid of Breast Cancer awareness, but it would seem that Woman liked the status reports and especially enjoyed boggling the minds of every dirty minded male on their friend lists wanting to know exactly what the status reports meant aha.

Now a new e-mail is circulating the popular social networking site, but this time the only cause is to keep the men guessing. You will soon notice status reports such as

'I like it wild and fruity' and 'likes it rippled for pleasure'

but these woman are not talking about the obvious they are actually talking about their favourite chocolate bars. The message reads like this.......

Here's the new game... This will definitely get the guys thinking!
To see if they've got dirty minds or not (of course they have!)
It's not rude at all... lol.
This is about your favourite bar of chocolate.

Select your favourite chocolate bar from the list below and update your status with the following sentence next to it then send this message/game to every woman you know on facebook! Its that simple!

Cadbury's Crème Egg = likes to strip off, open and lick!

Ripple/Snickers = likes its long and hard!

Twix/Kit Kat - likes it 2 at a time, double the pleasure!

Double Decker = likes it to be smooth on the outside but hard inside!

Flake = likes it when they crumble into submission!

Toblerone = likes it rippled for pleasure!

Big Bar Of Dairy Milk = likes it the bigger, the better!

Fruit & Nut Dairy Milk = likes it wild and fruity!

Whole Nut Dairy Milk = likes it when they have big nuts!

If you are not one of chocolate = likes nothing better than to suck and gag!

SEND THIS TO GIRLS ONLY and please let's keep women's little guilty pleasures a secret, we don't want the men to know everything about us! Let's keep them guessing lol!

I wonder how long it will be until we see a male version!!

Remember October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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double decker 5 years ago

lovely and huggable

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