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Finally, the social networking giant Facebook has launched its much anticipated email service. With the launch of this new email service, Facebook is going to give the leading web mail providers like Yahoo mail and Gmail a tough time. In the past Google and Facebook had some issues with Gmail contact transfer .Whatsoever is the reason for Facebook’s decision to launch its own web mail system, Facebook users will certainly be benefited the most when they try to import their email contacts into the Facebook or vice versa. Additionally, this integration of Facebook into email system will save much of the users’ time, because only by login to Facebook account a user can check their important mails as well as learn the Facebook updates from their friends and families.

facebook email
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This new email feature is just an enhancement of Facebook messaging. Facebook will gradually roll out this new email feature to every country, at present only Facebook USA users are getting integrated email facility with Facebook messaging. Unlike any conventional email, Facebook email is going to prioritize mails from the people you like the most, and other unimportant mails will be stored in another folder, not in your inbox. A very interesting feature of Facebook Inbox is all the SMS, chat, or email interchange with a particular friend will be shown, as a single conversation in your Inbox-that helps a person to track any particular friend is all communication details in a single place. To get your Facebook email address you need to visit at-http://www.facebook.com/about/messages/

So, if you are really looking for opening a new email address with facebook domain name, then you have to request to Facebook for an invitation,To receive an invation link just go to the link that I gave above and the in the bottom right you will find the "request button" -click on it.If Facebook is already offering email address in your country, then just go to the Facebook message option and then click on the "claim  your facebook email" option. Once you create your email address you can use it to send and receive email to  other popular emailing systems like yahoo, hotmail etc..

Facebook is already reigning the social networking arena, and with their launch of this new email, it is not unexpected if they become a leading web mail service within the next few months. However, at the initial stage, it may seem difficulty for any new email service provider to grow at a rapid rate, but Facebook has a plus and that is their 500 million trusted users spread every part of this world.

As a Facebook email user, you might expect to have your email address to be yourname@facebook.com and I am expecting to book one email address for me with my hubpages user name-andromida. Yet, any new technology is not safe unless you use it for a while. As I am involved it in IT security field, I am always a bit skeptic about the privacy and security of any new technology. So, as a precaution I will not important all my Gmail and yahoo mail contact into Facebook email at the first instant and I will also check and test their email password recovery process to be sure about the privacy.

How to claim a facebook email?

Once you logon to your Facebook account, click on the "messages" located on the left side bar of your account and then on the top of your account you will see a option "claim your facebook email"-just click on it.Now, you can type your desired email account name or just select any of the suggested email id.Finally, click on the "activate email" to claim your own facebook email id, that you can use either to send or receive mails like any
normal email systems.

facebook email
facebook email | Source
how to set up a facebook email
how to set up a facebook email

If you are a Gmail or Google fan, you might think that Google might lose their users or may lose Internet market share with the launch of facebook’s web mail. Nevertheless, with the arrival of this new email system, both Yahoomail and Gmail will take initiative to enhance their emailing features and will pay more attention to improve the security and privacy features of their respective email services. As an end user, you can certainly expect to enjoy the benefits of the healthy competition of the web mail business

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Lady_E profile image

Lady_E 6 years ago from London, UK

This is good news Andromida - on a personal note, Facebook has been known to be affected by so much hacking. I'm wondering if it will have an effect on people using the email. It sounds nice though: Andromida@facebook.com :)

WebMag profile image

WebMag 6 years ago

Your conclusion is so right: more competition = better products and services. Hopefully.

andromida profile image

andromida 6 years ago Author

@Elena-I guess facebook trying to offer integrated messaging system keeping in mind the popularity of instant messaging among the young generation.I am waiting this email facility to be available in my place so as I can book my new email address with my web signature name-andromida.Thanks :)

@Webmag-I think the way facebook is growing in terms of user number, they should think of developing their own search engine.And I also expect the presence of two more ad networks as powerful as Google adwords.Thank you so much :)

saif khaan 6 years ago


sweetie1 profile image

sweetie1 5 years ago from India

I dont know about changing the email to facebook as i got lots of contacts and it would be difficult for me to tell everyone to be sending mail to me on fb.

andromida profile image

andromida 5 years ago Author

I think Facebook has yet to roll out their facebook email integration program with the current messaging system in global scale.At present only US citizens are getting this email facility.Cheers!

indrit stafa 5 years ago

o indrite a me nje ti mu se kush jam

mr-burns profile image

mr-burns 5 years ago

I'm impressed with Facebook. I want it now. I'll have to set one up. Thanks

mr-burns profile image

mr-burns 5 years ago

I'm impressed with Facebook. I want it now. I'll have to set one up. Thanks

Ogini credible 3 years ago

Am so api

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