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Dawn Leslie Lenz is a freelance writer and editor. Her work has appeared in books, journals, online, and elsewhere including The Green Tricycle, The Rambler, and Mirror, Mirror: Reflections on the Way We Look, among others. Her short story, Zephyr of Ashes, is available worldwide as an ebook and was a bestseller from Untreed Reads in August 2011. Her short story, She Flies, is also available worldwide as an ebook. She is seeking representation for her first novel, Leaves of the Immortal. A Master of Fine Arts graduate of the Creative Writing program at the University of New Orleans, she has an undergraduate degree in English from Missouri State University. Dawn Leslie lives in St. Louis with her husband. She is currently hard at work on her next novel.

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  • Hippopotamus - a poem

    Hippopotamus - a poem

    4 years ago

    Something under the skin expands when I am not watching. An evil spirit balloons, bloats. I am, I become puffy Like a still fish, but I am a woman, housing an evilness that makes skin sick. I feel it stretch ...

  • Dealing with Severe Depression

    Dealing with Severe Depression

    6 years ago

    Funny, isn't it, how life throws all the same stuff your way? Over and over, until you're bruised and beaten like a fish Flailing and bleeding on a hook, Yearning for the return of water and balance. But that's...

  • Insomnia Reigns

    Insomnia Reigns

    6 years ago

    I am awake as the night ticks, tocks, try to read myself to sleep to no avail. Covers are heavy and I toss, disturbing my sleeping spouse. My body temperature rises to a fever rank along with anger. The...

  • Checked Baggage

    Checked Baggage

    6 years ago

    The train makes me want to throw up. I hunch down in my seat close my eyes swinging back and forth in rhythm with the tracks. I think of late night movies with you. Snuggled up on the couch under a...

  • Lily's Pain

    Lily's Pain

    6 years ago

    She wasn’t a musician. She just loved music. Opera chilled her and ripped through her body like fireworks when she saw and heard it live. She wanted Sam to take her to the opera tonight. She could get the tickets...

  • Sharing Raggedy Ann with My Twin

    Sharing Raggedy Ann with My Twin

    6 years ago

    Her grave was very well kept. I didn't remember it being as freshly trimmed the last time. The gravestone was flush with the ground, flat, small and rectangular. Very plain and unfancy. Mom and Daddy never visited much....

  • The Puppy Adoption

    The Puppy Adoption

    6 years ago

    When I first noticed the woman in red, I thought she must have been wearing a costume. She leaned over into the small cage of puppies selecting the tiny runt with the lopsided ears huddled in the rear. The woman’s...

  • Chihuly in Nature

    Chihuly in Nature

    6 years ago

    She wanted to reach up and touch the bright yellow glass tendrils splayed toward the sky like suns rays. Cheerful color dotted the garden, brightening the gloomy day. Chihuly’s glass sculpture installations scattered...

  • Bubble Therapy

    Bubble Therapy

    6 years ago

    Dip the magic wand Submerge in the oily sauce Now hold it close‑‑ Tickle with its presence. Pucker. Whistle between your lips. Blow. Ooze the air into the sphere of your flourescent pink ...

  • Witchcraft and Broom Magic

    Witchcraft and Broom Magic

    6 years ago

    The common, everyday household broom is a good luck as well as a fertility symbol and has been playing a magical role in the lives of people since ancient times. One of the earliest known rituals can be traced back to...

  • Ornithomancy: Divination from the Flight and Cries of Birds

    Ornithomancy: Divination from the Flight and Cries of Birds

    23 months ago

    Birds are majestic creatures and have long fascinated humankind as messengers of the spirit world. With the ability to walk on land and fly through the air at will, to live among the trees and bask in the glory of the...