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Alexandra Clausen, is a freelance author and spoken word poet based in Edmonton, Alberta. She have competed in several poetry slam competitions and was in the finals of the indie individual poetry slam competiton back in 2016. She enjoys meditation, yoga and tea, she's been writing since the age 8, and started writing poetry at the age of 10. I play the acustic guitar, and the piano.

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  • Washed Away

    Washed Away

    6 months ago

    A poem that was created from 3 lone lines found in journal.

  • Depression


    8 months ago

    To anyone fighting mental illness, and in search of clarity. Do understand this poem, is my own way of clarity, understanding, and guidance.

  • The Darkness Buried Within Me

    The Darkness Buried Within Me

    8 months ago

    The darkness buried within my soul, has the capability to eat my mind whole. The words that I try and speak the actions I try and keep, are in itself; pure beauty.