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I am currently working on two long stories. The Adventures of Lucius, which centers around an amnesiac wizard and The Autumnal Lady, which centers around an ordinary lad named Oliver, who grew up on the edge of fairy.

I am a 27 year old IU graduate. There I studied Linguistics, Classical Culture and Literature, Latin, and Medieval Studies. I enjoy literature, language, and writing fantasy fiction stories.

Most of my fantasy writing is done in a cosmos that I call Arvala. In this cosmos there are several planets that were once ruled by a group of men with powerful magic, who are now called the old gods. They ended up going to war with each and wiping each other out. So far two main characters in this writings Lucius and Gareth the Green both of them are wizards.

I also write in a more childlike world called Somnii (Latin for Dreams). My stories in Somnii have mainly focused on mouse named Rupert, who becomes a knight to the Elvish King Arvid. They are more fun, siple, wacky stories.

Being obsessed with language, I often enjoy trying to make up languages for my world and then create names from them. Most of the names in my world do have assigned meanings.

I also like talking about both sci-fi and fantasy as you should be able to see from my articles. My favorite fantasy author is Tolkien. In sci-fi, I love Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Stargate, Battlestar Galatica, and several other shows.

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