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I am an aspiring writer who one day dreams of publishing a novel. Hubpages is my "growing ground."

I want to use this site to help grow my writing talents, so thus the track through the wilds of Hubpages begins.

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  • Dragon Age Origins: A guide to romance

    Dragon Age Origins: A guide to romance

    5 years ago

    Google Hello there hubbers and gamers. For those of you out there who are fans of the game Dragon Age: Origins, here is a little guide that you may find useful for those times when romance arises in the...

  • Stereotypes Of Witches

    Stereotypes Of Witches

    5 years ago

    Many People in today's society frown upon witches and practitioners of magic. Sure they're not hanging us or setting us on fire but there is much discrimination against witch's. Here are some of the stereotypes some...

  • Furdiburb Guide

    Furdiburb Guide

    5 years ago

    Furbidurb is an Android game that is still in Beta. This game is basically a V-pet game, you have to raise an alien. In this game there is also a tone of puzzles for you to figure out to keep you entertained. In this...