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I'm pretty bad at bio's, it's hard to characterize who I am, my passions and my interests, my skills or lack thereof in a brief introductory description. Rather, I feel who I am shows through in the way I do things, the way I write. More importantly through the way I think. Now, I'm not entirely sure what I want to do here, maybe share recipes, opinions, facts and stories. Maybe something more metaphysical, or something far more mundane. While I may not know what I want to do here, I'm excited to see what I decide, and who might join me on my journey along the way.

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  • Misty Home

    Misty Home

    10 months ago

    A poem, final draft, but I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it yet. Feel free to leave any advice, or other critiques!

  • Witchcraft: Healing Spell

    Witchcraft: Healing Spell

    10 months ago

    Healing magic is one of the more crucial forms of magic, because if well studied and practiced it can mean averting death, and injury.

  • Medusa's Dream

    Medusa's Dream

    10 months ago

    A short poem, written back in school on one of my rougher days, thought I'd share it.

  • Symbolism in witchcraft

    Symbolism in witchcraft

    10 months ago

    In all religions, symbolism is used. In witchcraft, it's often a key part of religious practices.

  • Nights Embrace

    Nights Embrace

    10 months ago

    A short story, its main genre is meant to be sci-fy, but that was the intent. Not necessarily the end result. As I always say its in the eye of the beholder.