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B-ro profile image

Steve Bibro (B-ro)

Joined 5 years ago from Minneapolis, MN




Also follow me on:

First and foremost, I would like to address you, the reader, by saying, "Hello." I am very aware, that with the endless amount of options you have available to you on the World Wide Web, that giving your time to my hub is something I should feel extremely appreciative of. And I do. So with not one more word of delay here, I want to sincerely thank you and let you know it means a lot to me.

Now, considering this is my biography, I would like to tell you just a bit more about myself as I know it truly can help connect a writer with his reader's. At times i used to wonder if revealing my true self to a world of people was in my best interests, but now I know that is the only way to fly.

So ready or not, here it is! My real name is, Steve Bibro. I sit here tonight, at the age of 32, a single man who is the product of a very inventful life which has molded me in to the man I am today.

For the past 6-years, until March of 2012, I was a fast-paced, fast-talking, never-plan-always-reacting- high-strung-in-your-face type of a car salesman. Never rude, however, I was extremely persistent and more than likely the first person to greet you from your voicemail each and every night you checked it, had you decided to leave your phone number with me, (Hopefully you don't hate me yet..I notice a lot of times that when I mention I was a carsalesman, I lose a few points on the hypothetical chart we all use to judge each and every person we meet, (And yes... You are guilty of it as well). I worked at a couple different Ford/ Lincoln stores here in the Minnepaolis area and have been remmoved from the business now for rioughly 5-months. If it gets me a couple points back, I can say that In have no desire to go back in to that profession in any way. Had a good time while it lasted, but sometimes you just know when it is time to move on to a different career... My time came and I have not looked back for one second. I don't miss anything about it, but the people I got to meet on a daily basis. I learned a lot of good fishing holes from people, some great places to shop and a ton of great web-sites. One might say how did I have time to chit-chat and learn anything while I was supposed to be working, but truth be told... I never considered it work at all. Enough about that though as I am sure my car sales career isn't the most interesting topic floating around the internet tonight...

Previous to my career with Ford, I was what one would call....Let's say....Okay, enough of this mysterious build-up, let's call it what it is, I was inmate at the State Penitentary. I gave the state five solid years, (which I know is less than many and more than some), but never let myself get tangled up in the mentality that this is what life was now and I should simply learn how to deal with it. Many a person has fallen victim to that mindset and the consequences are extremely harsh. Self-induced, as we all know that a person can change when properly motivated, but harsh nonetheless. I have watched many people take on that mindset over the years I was there and they ultimately began writing their futures without even realizing it. Thoughts are a powerful thing when not properly managed by their owners.

I suppose the question to answer now is, " Well what did he go to prison for..?" Glad you were wondering! Let me explain... At a very young age, which actually is surprising since I really didn't have a hard life in comparison to most the human population here on Earth, but still the same I found myself acting like some young thug that mother's take time out of their day for in order to explain to their kids how important it is to avoid the likes of my former self and the activities in which I participated in..Truthfully, I am more than greatful to be here at my computer typing this tonight as opposed to being another drug related statistic simply wasting away within the confines of a concrete cell anxiously awaiting the time for my nightly ritual of marking an "X" on my calendar, signifying the end of yet another wasted day, which always seemed to be followed up by a nice walk to the bars/door where a fella' cocks his head just right in order to see all the way across the galley in order to confirm that, just like every other day and night, there was absolutely nothing going on. I had the liberty of enjoying this and many other fine experiences due to my involvement in the use and manufacturing of methamphetamines. I am neither proud nor ashamed of this because I believe we all experience life in different ways and for different reasons. I personally used my experience as a tool to reach out to high school kids when I was released from prison. If my story saved one of those kids from having to endure any of the hardships I did, than every second I spent in the threshhold of addiction and behind those walls was worth it. I guess though, as with many in things in life, it's all in how we look at it.

I have to think that after reading the last paragraph a person can assume that if I went to prison for drugs, than I probably spent some time with a drug problem. If you were under that assumption, than you were exactly right. My teen years were plagued with poor decisions that seemed to always have me trying some sort of new drug on a regular basis. Now I am not saying this was cool in any fashion, I just figured if I am going to write about who I am, I should probably touch on this because I devoted such a large portion of my life to it. As I get older and start tacking the years on, I will be able to say that it was a much smaller percentage of my life, but as for now it still takes up a very large portion of my life in one was to put a pie graph together and look at it. Through all of it though, I did manage to finish high school and there are certainly things I can reflect back on that are positive and make me happy to think about.

To conclude my biography here, and to stop this time traveIing escapade I have taken you on, I will bring you to the here and now. I turned 32-years old this year and I am happy to just be alive. My days start and end with a hug and kiss from my two beautiful daughters... And I live each and every day as if it was a gift. Now I would be a liar if I were to sit and tell you that life is perfect. Far from. I just got through a very rough divorce. i am not the type of person who would make a life long commitment to someone I didn't love and so as things began to happen and the realization of what was transpiring began to sink in, it definitely took a toll on me. I won't get in to the whole, "who's right and who's wrong" thing because we all know and should understand that there are far too many factors to a situation than one can actually take and analyze down to the point where a definitive answer can be determined about who is or isn't... And really, in the end.. It doesn't matter. What matters is that people are hurt mentally and emotionally. And also, a topic I believe is far to often overlooked by couples who find themselves walking this road, there are much smaller things in life that are far more important than who gets the last word on someone or who comes out with more property and assets. Those smaller things typically have names and memories. They are our children. Our children who love both of us equally and a lot of times are too young to truthfully conceive what is happening to the world that they know. For this reason, I find myself saddened by the fact that our differences were far greater than our love could withstand. This doesn't mean I don't love the woman who gave birth to my girls and provided me with many great memories that stir up a variety of different emotions. It simply means that when a relationship becomes more exhausting than uplifting...And this goes on for substantial periods of time only to go away for short periods of time before it's back to the spats and arguments that leave some angry while others cry in a dark room where no one can find them... Then a decision needs to be made. That decision, I believe, is whether or not I can be the best father that I can be in order to provide the most love and support to my child... Have the tribulations we encountered accumalated to the point where I can honestly remain in this relationship with a positive attitude and supportive mentality. Or have the deeds become to deep...Can the actions I know were performed be ones that I can say confidentally to myself or anyone that asked, are forgivable and forgettable. Ones I will never let sway my decision one way or the other... For me, I could not say that. I tried to repair our relationship, but the insanity that it had become was eating away at my very existence and so I decided that it was time to begin living again as opposed to wondering if I would die old and grey after deciding to remain in a relationship that was bitter and hopeless, one that not only wore on us, but on our children as well.

That's me and my story in a nutshell. Thank you for reading a long and I hope it brought you a bit of insight as to who I am and where I come from. And for those of you who were looking for the short of it, my favorite food is, Beef Lo Mein. I am a die-hard Vikings fan who finds laying around on the couch all Sunday watching football should be mandatory. My favorite color is blue and fishing is my favorite past-time hands-down. Thanks agin for reading and have a great day.

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