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I am a 40 year old "Jack of all Trades" if you will. I build primitive furniture and make seasonal wooden decorations. I also take photos for family and friends. I am not afraid to try new things, because the most I can do is mess it up and try again. It is the best reward EVER to put something to paper, be part of the construction, and to see my creation finished and off for someone to enjoy. I love primitive decorating. It mixes with any style and gives a "Welcome Home" feeling. There is nothing like the smell of my 1899 Early Buttery candle. I find inexpensive ways to make our home nice. I have been known to paint wooden floors. This idea came to me because my savings for real wooden floors always seems to find a way to be spent on other, "much needed", items. Having three boys, there always seems to be something coming up, a new pair of shoes, a jumping program, a map pack (whatever that is?!) even purchasing a second car because the first one my son had ended up on its side, due to "no fault of his own", as he likes to say. Through the years my family has become acustomed to Mom's great haircuts. I must admit early on there has been a few bad ones, but I have gotten pretty handy with scissors and electric hair trimmers. My husband bought me a Canon Rebel digital 35mm camera some years ago for Christmas, and as you can imagine, I am now the resident photographer. My poor boys! My oldest will have the pleasure having having his Senior pictures taken by me. I recently purchased a green screen, and I am determined to become a "master" green screen phtotographer. I couldn't stop with the green screen so I bought FX PhotoKey Pro 6. It is my new favorite thing, along with my trusted, tried and true Corel Paint Shop Pro X6. I am always excited for spring to arrive. At that point, I head outside to be the grounds keeper. I drive a lawn mower like a Nascar racer in the points lead. In other words, watch out! I have last year's mowing record to beat. I would like to think I do it all. I have to admit, though, I am not Betty Crocker in the kitchen. However for the past month, I have been trying out internet recipes. For example, the Sloppy Joe Philly Cheesteak sandwiches, were yummy. I know when something is good because my husband will have seconds. Sometimes I wonder what has my family had to eat all these years. For goodness sakes, if I soon don't have a few "come back home" dishes, I fear my children will grow and leave with no return. What of my poor husband. He has learned to smile and politely say, "It's good honey". I may find him at the local diner during his retirement years if I soon don't get my act together in the kitchen.

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