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Formerly penned ad 'Beaulah Hamilton'. Real name to be revealed one day.... (Bremma)

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My life is a big contradiction. All that I am as a human being conflicts with all that I do to make money. It is my hope that all the creative endeavors that make me who I am, as I continue to engage in them, will lead me down a path in which what I do for a living compliments who I am.

Awww yes, what life would be like, if I could offer the creative parts of myself, channeling them in such a way that they could be of use to society while at the same time permitting me to make a living that is satisfying to my soul.

While I am not spending exorbitant amounts of hours in a profession that makes me feel like a fish out of water, I feed my soul with writing, painting, mosaics, fabric work, interior design, home improvement; the list could go on and on.

If only we could all be so lucky as to be encouraged to understand what makes us tick when we are in a position to choose what we want to do for our life's work. If we all were allowed to hear our own voices and make our own choices, the "fish out of water" syndrome would likely not exist as much as it does. At least, it would not exist for me. I want a do-over!

I want to be spending my quality hours focused on what I love to do while making a living at it. That is my goal. Money is necessary to survive; to eat, have shelter, clothes, healthcare etc.

Creativity is necessary for me to thrive and to live as a satisfied human being. It is right up there with survival for me. It is a hunger that must be fed.

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