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BrianRS profile image

Brian Stephens (BrianRS)

Joined 4 years ago from France




Also follow me on:

Living and working in the South of France and I am already on HubPages as BrianS so I am hoping that at some point I will be able to combine these 2 profiles. This one is so I can import my Squidoo lenses.

But for now I work as a website designer and help people set up Wordpress blogs. I also publish books under the name Moulin Publications from my blog

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  • Books, Literature, and Writing (4)
  • Family and Parenting (1)
  • Travel and Places (7)
  • Romantic Stories for Easy Reading

    Romantic Stories for Easy Reading

    2 years ago

    This is a romance with a difference, young adults will probably love the idea of hard up youths gate crashing a wake for food and drink. But things really start to get complicated when boy meets girl

  • A Gay Romance Fiction Novel, Born From Ecclesiastical Rumblings

    A Gay Romance Fiction Novel, Born From Ecclesiastical Rumblings

    11 months ago

    This is a story of a gay man finally accepting his sexuality but in doing so he had to pay a very high price. He discovers that, no matter how strong a love is, how cruel people and life can truly be

  • Innotab 2 by VTech

    Innotab 2 by VTech

    11 months ago

    A great and intuitive way for kids to learn how to use technology without risking your precious iPad or other expensive adult tablet. It's fun for kids to use and risk free for the parents.

  • Summer Books - The Best Books this Summer

    Summer Books - The Best Books this Summer

    11 months ago

    Summer is a time for holidays, relaxing and taking it easy for a while. So why not chill out, choose a new book to read and get ready for your summer vacation when you can spend all day just reading.

  • A Love Story from World War 2

    A Love Story from World War 2

    11 months ago

    A wartime romance ends in tragedy when lovers destined to be together are forced apart by outdated social standards. This story is told through the eyes of the women affected by the romance.

  • French Cooking Schools

    French Cooking Schools

    2 years ago

    Learning to cook in a French style, there are several ways to do it, but which way is likely to suit you best? It might just be that buying a French cookery book will meet your need.

  • Vide Greniers a part of French Life

    Vide Greniers a part of French Life

    11 months ago

    A Vide Grenier is a little bit like a car boot sale but when the French do it they turn it into a real event and take the opportunity to get some cash for all the items they no longer require.

  • The Best French Food Market in France

    The Best French Food Market in France

    3 years ago

    French food markets are the soul of France, any town of a reasonable size will have a weekly market selling local produce throughout the year. This one in Revel has been rated in the top 100 in France

  • Tourist Places to Visit in France

    Tourist Places to Visit in France

    11 months ago

    With France being a top holiday destination in Europe, it is always useful to know where to start. Here are a few favorite places of interest in the South West of France.

  • Registering a Car in France

    Registering a Car in France

    11 months ago

    Registering a car in France can seem a daunting prospect,this is how I managed to do it in the Aude department for two different cars. Both second hand and not a new import or from outside the EU.

  • Finding a house in France

    Finding a house in France

    2 years ago

    Moving to France and need to know how to start your search for a French property? This article is full of useful tips and advice on how to find a house in France.

  • How You Move to France

    How You Move to France

    11 months ago

    Many people dream of making a life changing move to France but then they never get to live their dream, usually because they just don't know how to get started. Well now you can find out.