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Buildreps is a truthseeker, and has a PhD degree in engineering and mathematics. Almost everything we have learned about our history is false, and the lie becomes deeper every day. By using mathematics we can set things straight and seperate the truths from the lies.

The book which is now in the making under the working title called "Atlantis is Here" will set many things straight:

- the true age of ancient structures;

- the true age and origin of Homo sapiens;

- the codes encrypted in many pyramids like Giza and Teotihuacan but also many others, and where they are pointing to;

- the mathematical relations between pyramids, temples, and dolmens around the world;

- why and how civilizations were lost multiple times;

- mathematical proof that ice ages were earth crust shifts and the cause of high civilizations to vanish;

- a scientific account for the cause of earth crust shifts;

- why CO2 is not the cause of global warming and lies at the basis of a grand hoax;

Many people feel there is something not right, but since science tells them what they have to think, it's more or less end of story. Science is seemingly untouchable. Not anymore. The book will unlock and untangle many subjects that so many people are longing for. It is fully mathbased and it will be readable for most of us.

The title "Atlantis is Here" might change, the main thing the book wants to adress is that you don't have to look for Atlantis somewhere. It is right under our noses, but we fail to see it. It is our own consciousness we have to work on to get the truth out. The book will support mathematically what so many people are already feeling around the world.

The book is planned to be published in 2017.

Contact: buildreps@gmail.com

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