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“If you feel good in your clothes, it affects you psychologically somehow.”

Novak Djokovic, tennis champion

Master of Laws (LL.M London) in International Business Laws


· Associate membership (by examinations) of Chartered Institutions UK in business administration, arbitration, logistics and shipbroking.

· Obtained an International Chambers of Commerce Award in one of the professional finals examination.

· Retirement from 5-9 jobs hence professional membership/practising certificates with these Institutions were not renewed.

Stepping into the world of business as a young person, professional qualifications seemed central to career development. The rough and tumble of working life opened up a business-world not one dreamed up. It calls for other skill sets. Negotiation, networking and people skills are important attributes of many of today's great business leaders. They do not have a string of titles after their names.


· Held management positions as Company Secretary, Group Secretary General, General Manager, Director and Executive Director of private and wholly owned entities of public listed companies in Singapore and Hong Kong.

· Independent Contractor & facilitator for established companies doing business in Indonesia. Companies represented under contract included Ryowa of Japan, Wembley of Malaysia, Sarunta Waya Indonesia and a number of UK publishers serving in the capacity of sole agent in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

· Also appointed part-time lecturer at the Singapore Maritime Academy (Singapore Polytechnic) for Marine Insurance, Law relating to Ship Sale & Purchase, Maritime Law, Law of Contract and Economics. Giving law lectures to a class of Maersk Line engineers was a totally different and challenging experience vis-a-vis young undergraduates as attendees.

Representing foreign companies was not a bed of roses. There were successful projects and there were failed ones. At times, youthful exuberance got the better of oneself by taking on projects that could run into hundreds of millions US dollars -- on hindsight -- doomed to failure because they involved too many government agencies and their officials. The Asahan Power Station in Indonesia was one of such projects. Kier International, England, graciously reimbursed all expenses but time lost and opportunity cost were losses I could never recover. Another project with Australian associates was equally time-consuming - holiday resorts at Port Douglas. We were not at the right place and right time. While it was true that Asian travellers would find Australian destinations great places for family holidays, Port Douglas was just not one of them. We put up booths at travel fairs in Singapore and handed out thousands of nicely printed brochures of our beautifully built resorts but they were given a lukewarm response.

LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY: Proficient in both English and Chinese: less proficient in Bahasa Indonesia.

HEALTH: In the pink of health; a regular blood donor for the past 30 years. Award: Donor's Silver Medal from the Singapore Blood Bank.

PASTIME: (1) Weekly Ballroom and Latin Dancing at OCC Singapore (2) Weekly karaoke session at the Club to consciously develop a good singing voice.


The Dale Carnegie Alumni (8 years)

The Toastmasters Club (10 years).


I no longer represent foreign companies.

What I do now: Writing business related articles.In three years, I have written 37 hubs with each hub containing a few articles on the same subject. But not all hubs are featured articles. If articles are written well and these are updated regularly, they will get published. It can be a rather challenging task to get a hub to stay evergreen for years.

These articles are not for reading by those highly paid professionals working for big business conglomerates. I do not have the expertise of a published writer for professional magazines. The target audience is the hundreds of thousands of business people in Asia who are managing their enterprises without much help from specialist accountants, lawyers, logistics and insurance experts.

Why am I giving away a service for free?

I am doing it more for myself as a private investor managing a small portfolio of stocks of listed companies. Regular reading of business news is a prerequisite. Writing helps to consolidate my thinking and sharpens my investment skills.

There is yet one other important consideration: Dementia. The risk of developing dementia increases as one gets older. A regular reading program cannot prevent the risk of developing dementia. Like an escalator which at times has to reverse its course for it to work in tip-top condition. Similarly, writing articles to complement regular reading habits prevents declining of the brain and its abilities. So, I was told.

Most people do not know Dementia is a painfully expensive degenerative disease. It is a lot more costly than other major illnesses such as heart disease. Out-of-pocket expenses can completely drain family finances since long drawn caregiving costs do not come under medical insurance plans. So, do take care!

May I thank all of you for patiently reading such a long profile story. I do welcome advice coming from business professionals if they care to comment on the various articles I wrote. My e-mail address: chenrong8oogle@gmail.com

PS: The advertisements placed alongside my articles are not within my control. Some writers get a cut from advertising revenue, and they get paid again when readers buy products or services from the advertisers. I do not get paid by advertisers/HubPages to write.

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