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  • Lily and Jack

    Lily and Jack

    16 months ago

    Lily is dreading this conversation with Jack. She's about to shake up their peaceful life of two years together, and doesn't know how he'll take it. For better or worse, she's about to find out.

  • Heart Covers Stairway

    Heart Covers Stairway

    5 years ago

    I have a confession to make I never listened to Stairway to Heaven until now. Heart performed a cover, and did it beautifully. Take a listen.

  • Creative Writing Assignment: August 2 2013

    Creative Writing Assignment: August 2 2013

    5 years ago

    Lacey had been humiliated. Her “best friend,” stole her crush, and the fight that erupted as a result left her friendless. Will she learn a hard lesson or does fate have other plans for her?

  • This Ufo-02 Detector Saved My Life

    This Ufo-02 Detector Saved My Life

    6 months ago

    I was losing time and supplies were going missing. The aliens had to be stopped. Fortunately, I found this baby just in the nick of time!

  • Where Have I Been? Oh, Just Dying.

    Where Have I Been? Oh, Just Dying.

    5 years ago

    I spent three weeks deeply ill. I almost died a dozen times. I visited far off worlds. And I became new and interesting beings. What's next? Cuddle with the kids.

  • Loowit Imaging: A Quick Profile of Awesome

    Loowit Imaging: A Quick Profile of Awesome

    5 years ago

    I'm a big fan of photography. A beautiful shot, in my mind, needs to be shared. Here are several by a great photographer.

  • Haunted Graveyard

    Haunted Graveyard

    5 years ago

    Max convinces his little brother, Jim, to investigate the "Haunted Graveyard" at night. Neither really believes in ghosts, but in a dark cemetery at night, your mind can play tricks on you.

  • What is a Personal Map of the World?

    What is a Personal Map of the World?

    5 years ago

    I reference our "Personal Map of the World" often enough in conversation, I'll probably do it a lot in articles too. This is my way of creating an easy reference point to turn to. I hope it's clear.

  • How Often Do People Lie?

    How Often Do People Lie?

    6 months ago

    I found this question impossible to answer. So, naturally, I jumped on a soapbox and went on a jolly jaunt! How often do I lie? I guess the simple answer is; "every day." And I'm glad I do. Here's my long winded why.

  • What is a State Trigger?

    What is a State Trigger?

    5 years ago

    I've been saying "Huzzah" a lot lately. I randomly post it on FaceBook. I just shout it out at home. Alone, around other people, just any time I feel like expressing appreciation or to sarcastically express something was irritating. Huzzah started as a way to amuse myself. Then it almost became a...

  • Victimology: Why Do Victims Stay?

    Victimology: Why Do Victims Stay?

    5 years ago

    There are many surface reasons. No two situations are exactly the same. If you keep asking why, you may find new answers. The primary factor for all of our poor decisions is fear.

  • Wizard on a Castle

    Wizard on a Castle

    5 years ago

    This is a taste of a story I am working on. A snippet of a scene that popped into my head as I was writing another chapter. Any comments? A man stood on the high tower of the castle. His outstretched fingers aimed, as though reaching for the army...

  • 0

    "Let Your Mind Go, and Your Body Will Follow"

    5 years ago

    A movie review. Really? I started writing my daily blog, and it turned into a review for L.A. Story. A movie I haven't watched in over ten years. It's so clear in my mind and inspired me that much.

  • Too Much Time on My Hands?!

    Too Much Time on My Hands?!

    5 years ago

    I'm biting off more than I can chew. What happens when a writer gets time to write? Too many ideas! Actually, I love having too many ideas. Now how to use them...

  • The Labyrinth of My Mind

    The Labyrinth of My Mind

    5 years ago

    My mind, like a labyrinth of thought, holds ideas like secrets to be sought through trial. The Minotaur of Procrastination stalks me through the maze of jumbled images. His long axe held at the ready to break my concentration, sending me down a dead end.

  • How Does One Write About a New Topic Every Single Day?

    How Does One Write About a New Topic Every Single Day?

    5 years ago

    When writing something every day, how do you keep your mind refreshed? How do you keep from running out of ideas? How do you keep your head from exploding? Simple thoughts from a complicated mind.

  • Of Dreams and Nightmares

    Of Dreams and Nightmares

    5 years ago

    Sometimes I have these crazy dreams and they inspire my writing mind. The dream demands that I develop a new story. Other times I have a crazy dream that just makes me question my sanity. Like last night.

  • My Dad Gave Me a Book He was Writing

    My Dad Gave Me a Book He was Writing

    5 years ago

    My dad gave me a book he was writing. It's both a delight and a challenge co-authoring. There is always a sense of sharing that must take place, and that is wondrous and fun.

  • Cole Ikerd Mission Statement

    Cole Ikerd Mission Statement

    5 years ago

    In a class I was taking, we were required to put together a mission statement. The purpose of this was to help direct your life to a clear goal or set of goals. This is a great exercise to help sort p

  • The Animate (Part 1)

    The Animate (Part 1)

    5 years ago

    "I was standing on the battlement looking down on a writhing mass of movement. Catapults launched volley after volley into the oncoming army to no avail. The gaps they created just kept filling in. It was like standing above an ant hill watching the little scurrying bugs devour an invader with out...

  • How Playing D&D Has Influenced My Writing or My Gaming Evolution: A Writer's Experience

    How Playing D&D Has Influenced My Writing or My Gaming Evolution: A Writer's Experience

    6 months ago

    I haven't played D&D in a long time. I rather miss it. In many ways it was always a good source of inspiration for my writing. I haven't played since just after the release of fourth edition and they are getting ready for the next release. A friend of mine was talking about doing beta testing....

  • My Focus On HubPages

    My Focus On HubPages

    6 years ago

    My focus here has been on publishing my creative writing. Ideally, I would only post finished works and complete ideas. But sometimes...

  • I am Cole

    I am Cole

    5 years ago

    I am a dreamer who sees the unseen. This is a poem I wrote for a class. It's a simple format, but I like how it turned out. A decent explanation of me.

  • Taking Back Valentines Day

    Taking Back Valentines Day

    6 years ago

    Holidays are horribly commercialized and for a long time, I've just been sick of them. This year, I am taking it back.

  • Running Leap

    Running Leap

    6 years ago

    This was a dream I had and as such it is meant to be experienced, not read. Please, take your time. I'm still self concious about posting my work in public. I like to pretend it's because I'm not ready to reveal this awesome material just yet, but in truth; my writing is my art. Like all art, it is...

  • Waking Up to Pain

    Waking Up to Pain

    18 months ago

    Running from a monster with the heat of it's breath on my back. I push hard to get away, but then...

  • It’s Not the Same

    It’s Not the Same

    18 months ago

    An example of how we blind ourselves. This is dedicated to those suffering from abuse. It's not the same. It never is.


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