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Welcome to hubpages where hubbers hub. What has encouraged me to learn is knowing that I know enough to know that I don't know.

My name is James Dubreze. I was born in the Island of Haiti. I came to the United States at the age of 14. There, I attended Washington Irving high school, New York City College of Technology & New England College. I received most of my education within the United States. I own an Associate degree & Applied Science, Bachelor in Computer Information System & a Masters degree in Public Policy Studies.

I'm single, but I do have a beautifully daughter which I love very much. In that sense, although I may be divorced, to some extent I still have a family, because the love I have for my child help sustain the family relationship.

Nonetheless, I've always maintained that the education does not take place at the institution. The University prepares our perception to confront the world from an analytical position so that we can better assess, and address our issues from a rational relationship. The environmental experience to me is the utmost educator, we assess its messages from the fundamental principles taught by the Universities.

The University will always remain an important factor in our lives no matter the environment, but it is not the only place the mind think from. We always have to assess the information that is offered to us and not only the tittle of the person. If a PhD IS about self taught experiences, then those who are knowledgeable about a specific topic may not possess an institutional education.

I write because it is my hobby. I. is something I do to engage my mind in solving problems. Since I like politics, I write about the issues that interest me in politic. I'm a compromiser, so if you dislike any of my writing we can talk about change if I'm proven wrong. If the intention is right and the message is positive, then the suggestion is regarded as a constructive criticism.

I have confidence in the messages that I have conveyed to my audience. The messages are my voice, my struggle, my experiences, my life. They're my beliefs, therefore if you like the message I'll be greatFull for it, for my only effort is to offer my readers a clear conclusion of the issue being discussed, with the least amount of contradiction. If I have accomplished that much, I am blessed for it, because I am truly not the best writer you can think If, but I am at best a good critical thinker.

I also believe that we are truly one chain of individual thoughts which comprise many ideas that we've accepted in our minds through the years, so in that sense to say that all my thoughts are totally independent from other thoughts would make me a fool or a liar. We learn from prior knowledge to arrive at a new conclusion, and when we've done that, our contribution is appreciated by the people of the world.

I send you musical greetings from the inner space of my mind to your melodically tranquil inner space, and may our inner space duet blend beautifully with the symphony of the universal orchestration. Knowledge is limitless, and if there's any limit in knowledge is ourselves, our inability to access it.

Thank you for your support and generosity, it is greatly appreciated.

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