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I am a theatre lighting designer, computer graphics designer, and actor by trade, with numerous hobbies ranging from home brewing to aviation. I try to keep up with technology to the best of my ability, though it often out-paces me.

In college, I also minored in French, Dance, and Middle-Eastern Gourmet Cooking (though I forgot most french, dance, and middle eastern recipes.). I love to cook, especially experimentally.

I am (or at least was until my computer caught on fire - literally) an avid computer gamer who occasionally dabbles on consoles. But about the fire... you know that moment when you're in awe of beauty? That's where i was when I saw the brilliant amber against all the deep blue LEDs... until that split second later when I realized what was going on.

If you add me on any of the social sites linked, please let me know why. Especially on G+ so I know into which circle to place you. Typically, if someone adds me and I have no idea who they are, I either ignore the request or just put them in my "General" circle.


That's pretty much all I got right now. Might add more later.

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