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Deanna has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Texas A&M University and and a Master of Liberal Arts degree from Texas Christian University. She teaches AP Literature and AP Research to juniors and seniors in high school and writes screenplays, novels, short stories, and articles. You can find her blog at https://allthethings97.com/

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  • Advancement Via What?

    Advancement Via What?

    5 years ago

    After fourteen years of teaching middle school English, I have stepped out of my comfort zone and entered the realms of high school. I am now teaching 12th grade Independent Study (an awesome class where seniors...

  • A Single Girl's Tips for Budgeting

    A Single Girl's Tips for Budgeting

    6 years ago

    Sometimes it's hard to be a single girl living on one income. Budgeting is not always an easy thing to do, especially in today's economy. I do not have all of the answers, but I do have a few tips that I picked up the...

  • Chef Point Cafe

    Chef Point Cafe

    6 years ago

    Take a good look at the picture. Doesn't look like a gourmet restaurant, right? Seriously, a restaurant? At a gas station? Yes. And it's some of the best food I've ever eaten. I have dreams about it. As an...

  • Girls Watching Football With Guys

    Girls Watching Football With Guys

    6 years ago

    I love football. I was raised in a small town in East Texas, and if you know anything about Texas, you know that we Texans love our football. On Friday nights of out-of-town games, the local Dairy Queen sign would say,...

  • Teaching Forrest Gump

    Teaching Forrest Gump

    6 years ago

    Is there anyone who doesn't cry when watching the amazing film Forrest Gump? When mamma "died on a Tuesday" or when he's thinking about Jenny and "there she was" or when he meets Little Forrest for the first time and...

  • Gifted Kids Say the Darndest Things

    Gifted Kids Say the Darndest Things

    6 years ago

    I was labeled "gifted" when I was ten years old. I spent my middle school and high school years with the "nerds" as my best friends, sharing gifted classes with them for the entire duration of our school days. After...

  • Dead Man's Run

    Dead Man's Run

    6 years ago

    Growing up in a small town where everyone knew everyone and knew everything about everyone, I heard hundreds of ghost stories about haunted places around Sulphur Springs. For instance, out Highway 154, just south of...

  • Colonial Mexico and the Catholic Church

    Colonial Mexico and the Catholic Church

    6 years ago

    In the 21st Century United States, separation of church and state has been taken to a level beyond anything the forefathers could have imagined. In colonial America, the church had great power and influence. This great...

  • Frankenstein and the Railroad

    Frankenstein and the Railroad

    6 years ago

    There are so many things about the analogy of the railroad and Frankenstein that, as an English teacher, I applaud the first person to make the connection (although I don't know who that may have been). The novel by...

  • Road Rage?

    Road Rage?

    6 years ago

    According to Dr. Driver (http://www.drdriving.org/misc/roisum_interview.html), Road Rage includes “thoughts of violence, driving like you’re in a hurry, constantly criticizing other drivers and neglecting to follow...

  • No More Turning Away?

    No More Turning Away?

    6 years ago

    From the beginning of time people have committed evil acts, done horrendous things, and hurt each other in numerous ways. But recently it seems as if the world has gotten worse. As the old saying goes, we seem to be...