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Erin Bradley (Dreamsinger)

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  • Do Not  Settle For Ordinary

    Do Not Settle For Ordinary

    10 years ago

    Ordinary is not for you. Life is for living to the full! Have you had dreams where you have woken feeling absolutely exhilarated but not sure how to apply them to your daily life? Drop us a line!

  • Discovering Lucid Dreaming

    Discovering Lucid Dreaming

    6 years ago

    What is Lucid Dreaming? Can anyone do it or do you have to be highly trained? A brief look at Lucid Dreaming, its history and scientific evidence.

  • Are You Willing to Become Love?

    Are You Willing to Become Love?

    10 years ago

    When we really know who we are in Him and who He is in us this will be outworked in our lives and we will begin to impact all those that we come into contact with. The thing is do we really understand how much He loves us, how huge the transformation of becoming a new creation truly is and what...

  • What Does Love Look Like?

    What Does Love Look Like?

    10 years ago

    Love - we all have different understandings on what this word actually means. On May 19th 2012 we saw this displayed in so many ways, and thought we would like to share it with you! Hope this encourages you how easy it is to reach out in love to those that are in your sphere of influence.

  • Dreaming Opens The Doors to Destiny

    Dreaming Opens The Doors to Destiny

    6 years ago

    What if you had a dream that could change the course of your future, maybe even propel you into your destiny, you just didn't know it because you didn't know how to interpret it? Feel free to contact us with your dreams so that we can help you to unlock the mysteries that may actually be...

  • 7

    Nightmares - How to Turn them around and Move into Your Destiny!

    6 years ago

    Nightmares, we all have them, but did you know that you can flip a nightmare on its head and turn it from something dark and frightening into something that will propel you into your destiny? Learn tips for yourself and your children in dealing with nightmares and develop deeper relationship in...

  • Fringe of Heaven....West Auckland, New Zealand......Come & See My Place!

    Fringe of Heaven....West Auckland, New Zealand......Come & See My Place!

    6 years ago

    West Auckland, New Zealand. Not something you will necessary see in the travel brochures, but well worth wandering off the beaten track to sample the delightful art, coffee, food, and people that populate this stunningly beautiful area.

  • Dreams - Where do They Come From and what Can They Reveal?

    Dreams - Where do They Come From and what Can They Reveal?

    6 years ago

    Being able to interpret dreams can help to uncover things that we may have ignored or justified in life. Just how much are you conditioned by what others think and your own preconceived ideas?

  • Prophetic Signs or Merely Coincidence?

    Prophetic Signs or Merely Coincidence?

    6 years ago

    There are seemingly normal things that sometimes jump out at us as we go through our daily lives, and we have a 'knowing' inside that they are signs or symbols that we need to pay attention to. When these things are randomly grouped or repeated could they actually be prophetic signs that will...

  • 2

    A Dream Can Change the World

    11 years ago

    Dreams are more than just fluff and what you had for dinner the night before. Some dreams can change the course of your life. They can even have a ripple affect beyond your sphere of influence and transform others lives, communities, nations and in some cases the world! Have you had a dream that...


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