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D.Virtual.Doctor profile image

Funom Theophilus Makama (D.Virtual.Doctor)

Joined 7 years ago from Europe




Also follow me on:

Hi everyone!Welcome to my Internet Hospital (where many diseases would be treated and broken down in details for you to know).

I am a medical practitioner, still studying though. But as I am studying and learning the most interesting part of science (which deals with Life directly) I intend sharing it with everyone. Why?

Having a basic knowledge of everything makes you better fitted in your environment. I can remember a saying which goes "Know something about everything and also know everything about something". So, I am here on a kind of a community service to create awareness and publicity on some major or common ailments threatening mankind. I just felt, in as much as I can go to rural areas, visit communities, go to surb-Urban and even large cities to create awareness, I can like-wise do so through the internet where there are milions of users logged in per minute.

The clinical or medical hubs would be quite professional and clinical but they would be highlighted and in an elaborate fashion so that even the non-professionals can pick one or two points from it. If you have a car, its definitely not every problem it has that will require an auto-mobile technician, is it? There are some basic problems you would be able to solve. Why? It is because they are simply the basics and you ought to know them. So, that is why your virtual Doctor is here to give you the basics and as for the professionals (be it at student level or resident doctors or specialists or even consultants) these hubs are as well very important. Diseases would be treated as much as possible from predisposing factors, etiology, onset, causes, clinical features, ways of treatment and prevention, recommendations, prophylaxis and many more features. So I bet that you will enjoy this.

SInce it is a community service, I would really love your responses and questions, so that I can be able to reply you and meet your clinical needs. Community services need responses in order to know how well or effective or the impact such a service has done. So your responses, suggestions, criticism and even applause are greatly appreciated here, and also the more responses I get the more motivated I am to continue my case study on certain diseases.

About me, I am a Nigerian Medical student in Ukraine. I began my clinical courses on the 1st of September 2010 and honestly speaking, they are very interesting. The privilege or opportunity to save life alone is a thing to be joyful about. This is exactly an attribute of our creator (God) and no wonder we are created in His own image and likeness. I am not really new here @ hubpages. I already have two profiles here.

I am also an expert author with several websites, Ezinearticles, Ezinemark, Bukisa, articlebase, articledashboard, searchwarp and many more.

So just in case, you find yourself on this page, do well to pick any interesting disease and read it. If you have any related problems to any of the diseases treated here, do well to ask, post a comment or send me a personal e-mail, I will do my best to give you an answer, even if I do not know, I will consult my professors and we will discuss about it (In medicine, its a normal thing), then reply you as soon as possible. So please feel very free, but I suggest you post a comment, you can relate the situation or problem to a third party, or if you are not a hubber here, simply hide your indentity. The sole aim of these hubs are for community service and others can as well learn from your clinical situation.

Okay, much has been said, if you find my profile quite interesting, then what are you waiting for? Let's kick off with some diseases to solve. Enjoy your time here and do well to follow any link or ad related to any disease for further understanding. Cheers!

D.Virtual.Doctor (

I am not alone in this. Great thanks to the contributions of my colleagues as well,

Dr. Elenga Gift.

Dr. Angela Ojuederhie

Dr.Boadi-Danquoah Felix

Dr. Sam-Adoki Emmanuel

Dr. Patience Gaji Ayuba

Dr. Kingsley Onyekwere Chinonso

Dr. Ojiemu Jephthah Osarheme

I have a blog which has similar if not the same cases treated in my hubs. You can check it out if you want...


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