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Dr Farah Naz (farahwaqas)

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    How Stretching Can Benefit You

    23 months ago

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    Why to Buy Second Hand Medical Equipment?

    2 years ago

    The demand for used medical equipment has been increased globally due to the need for modern times and affordability, helping worldwide medical professionals in quick and accurate medical diagnoses and treatments.

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    IVF: A Scientific Miracle,Helping to Conceive a Baby

    19 months ago

    IVF is the modern medical treatment that is helping millions of couples worldwide in getting pregnant with their miracle babies.

  • When Sex Hormones Fluctuate With Little Reasons

    When Sex Hormones Fluctuate With Little Reasons

    3 years ago

    Are you worried about the sudden change in the menstrual cycle or having acute acne or sudden depression without any reason?. You may need to check if your hormones are working well. This article will answer you what probably could get wrong with your hormone causing those symptoms.

  • Let's Win the Battle Against Hay Fever

    Let's Win the Battle Against Hay Fever

    3 years ago

    Where nearly 40% of the world's population is allergic to something, hay fever(allergic rhinitis) is a common condition that is easily treatable if its signs and symptoms are diagnosed at the right time. Such an approach and its treatment can save millions of people from getting adult-onset asthma.

  • Resolve Acne With No Medicine & Remedy

    Resolve Acne With No Medicine & Remedy

    3 years ago

    Getting frustrated and impatient to treat acne is quite common. You don't need any medicine and herbal remedies to treat acne.Instead, look around yourself what harms your skin? Simply find out your acne trigger and clear it.In this way, you would also save yourself from future skin breakouts.

  • Best Known PCOS Diagnosis and Treatment Options

    Best Known PCOS Diagnosis and Treatment Options

    3 years ago

    PCOS affects females when they are at the peak of their reproductive age and are unaware of it until they face symptoms infertility. It is just a hormonal disturbance, developing treatable symptoms. It has become easy to treat PCOS with advanced diagnostic tools and modern medical treatments.

  • Best Known Anti-Aging Strategies

    Best Known Anti-Aging Strategies

    3 years ago

    Aging is a natural process, but none of us-whether male or female- wants to look old and aged. Thanks to the latest anti-aging treatments, we can now stop or delay aging. Also, by understanding this process, we can prevent early aging.


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