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  • Three Practical Ways to Fight the Winter Blues

    Three Practical Ways to Fight the Winter Blues

    6 years ago

    There is hope for people who experience the winter blues. Become aware of your own personal yearly cycle—when you experience your greatest lows and when it is the hardest to stay positive. Think about what would make you feel better during those times and then plan ahead so getting through it will...

  • Short Story—Chantz and the Misplaced File

    Short Story—Chantz and the Misplaced File

    6 years ago

    Follow the adventures of Chantz, a squirrel with special talents working as a runner for "the Boss". In this first book, he faces the challenges of finding a missing file while overcoming personal and moral dilemmas to do so.

  • Recitations, Singing, and Indulgences—a Christmas Tradition Remembered

    Recitations, Singing, and Indulgences—a Christmas Tradition Remembered

    6 years ago

    Christmas traditions can vary, but my memories of Christmas was quite different from the families around us. It was all about reciting poems, singing Christmas carols, and eating homemade goodies before opening any gifts!

  • An Idea Leaves (A Poem)

    An Idea Leaves (A Poem)

    6 years ago

    A poem about the challenges of writer's block. Never underestimate an unused thought or idea; it may be just what is needed in the future.

  • Three Generations of Christmas Recipes

    Three Generations of Christmas Recipes

    6 years ago

    Nothing puts me into the Christmas spirit like the smells of Christmas baking. I have fond memories of baking with my Grandmother, Mom and sisters. Enjoy our favorites!

  • 16

    Quality of Life for the Elderly

    6 years ago

    As the current population ages, people feel more empowered to make informed decisions about their life choices and refuse to settle for what used to be the “expected” progression of aging. The elderly may not have the physical stamina or the health that they once did, but they have much to share...

  • You Can Be Happy If You Choose to Be Thankful

    You Can Be Happy If You Choose to Be Thankful

    6 years ago

    Is it really possible to maintain a state of happiness all the time? Happiness is an emotion, while thankfulness is a choice...so, we can be happy if we choose to be thankful.

  • A Collection of My Christmas Decoration Favorites

    A Collection of My Christmas Decoration Favorites

    6 years ago

    If you take the time to plan ahead, the Christmas season can be much less stressful and become more joyful. If making memories and creating your own family traditions is important, there are many simple things that you can do.

  • The March of Inner Conflict (Poetry)

    The March of Inner Conflict (Poetry)

    6 years ago

    A poem about inner conflict: strength/weakness, success/failure, and right/wrong.

  • Growing Old Gracefully

    Growing Old Gracefully

    6 years ago

    Whatever happened to the idea of growing old gracefully? Why do we fight against the inevitable? The choices we make now will make a difference when we get old. So, what are those choices?

  • The Procrastinating Perfectionist

    The Procrastinating Perfectionist

    6 years ago

    Perfectionism can cause a person to become a procrastinator, which keeps them from reaching their potential in life. Here are a few ways of overcoming this dilemma.

  • Flo's Hearty Vegetable Chili Recipe

    Flo's Hearty Vegetable Chili Recipe

    6 years ago

    As summer turns into autumn, the leaves change color and fall from the trees. The cool winds blow and I begin to think of comfort foods that will warm the body and soothe the soul. Nothing does that better than a hearty bowl of spicy vegetable chili--a wonderful way of using fresh garden produce!

  • Parallels of Change

    Parallels of Change

    6 years ago

    A lake in the middle of town--what a treasure! I’ve had an emotional connection to this lake since I was twelve...the park's development parallels my own growth and change as a person. Amazing what an impact nature can have!

  • True or False Guilt

    True or False Guilt

    6 years ago

    There are generally two kinds of guilt: first, a person actually is to blame for a wrong they have committed and second, a person assumes they are to blame for something they have not done at all. Discover a way to free yourself of true or false guilt.

  • The Laundry Quandary

    The Laundry Quandary

    6 years ago

    Love it or hate it...I don’t think there is an in-between when it comes to laundry. I hate it. While it is unclear when this avoidance began, it is an unsolved dilemma in my life to this day.

  • Play Word Games for a Healthy Brain

    Play Word Games for a Healthy Brain

    6 years ago

    Our brain is a muscle that has to be exercised or it will atrophy just like any other unused muscle in our body. I have never accepted the myth that we get too old to learn something--it is never too late to get in brain-shape.

  • Inspired by Courage (Esther and Ruth)

    Inspired by Courage (Esther and Ruth)

    6 years ago

    Whether we are faced with life-or-death challenges (Esther) or the choice to start over in some area of our life where we need to grow and change (Ruth), we can choose to remain silent and do nothing or we can move forward with courage and live a full and purposeful life.

  • 14

    Simple Faith

    6 years ago

    We tend to overcomplicate our lives and then wonder why everything is so hard. The small things we do make the biggest difference. God can help us live our life from the inside out, with a simple faith, in simple ways every day of our life.

  • A Cat's Unconditional Love

    A Cat's Unconditional Love

    6 years ago

    Loneliness can be deeply debilitating when one has never experienced unconditional love and doesn't expect love to ever come their way. A new feline companion helped break down my defenses and open my heart to greater love.


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