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    How to Make Tai Tow Choi (Preserved Kohlrabi) + 2 Bonus Recipes

    2 months ago

    Tai tow choi, or preserved kohlrabi, is delicately sweet with a delightfully juicy crunch. It's great in stir-fries and savoury dishes like steamed yam cakes (wu tow guo).

  • 4

    Brown Butter Almond Cake With Plum Variation

    3 months ago

    Redolent of toasted nuts and light as a feather, this easy-to-make brown butter almond cake will instantly become a firm favourite with your family and friends!

  • 1

    How to Make and Use Dongcai (Preserved Tientsin Cabbage)

    2 months ago

    Preserved Tientsin cabbage is a pantry staple in the Chinese home kitchen. It is sold packed in distinctive dark brown earthenware jars. This vegetable preserve of salted dried Chinese "celery" cabbage (also called Napa or Nappa cabbage) can be made with or without garlic.

  • 7

    How to Make and Use 'Choi Poh' (Chinese Sweet-Salty Preserved Radish)

    2 months ago

    Preserved vegetables are the 'magic' ingredient in home-style Chinese cooking. The preserved sweet-salty radish called 'choi poh' in Cantonese is a universal favourite. It's very easy to make. Enjoy!

  • 5

    A Brief History of Curry and How to Make Curry Paste From Scratch

    2 months ago

    "Curry" is a blanket term used to describe a vast range of Indian spicy stewed dishes. There are many different styles of curries. Not all are hot. Get tips and recipes for curries here.

  • 14

    Steamed Jam Sponge Pudding Recipe

    3 months ago

    Steamed cumquat marmalade pudding and sour cherry jam puddings are just two examples of homely comfort food desserts. They can be made well in advance, frozen and quickly reheated to serve.

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    Penang Nonya Pickles

    10 years ago

    Acar Awak, a mixed vegetable pickle, is the most famous member of the vast range of Penang Nonya pickles. A balance of spicy, sour and sweet flavours combined with textural crunchiness of the vegetables as well as roasted sesame seeds and nuts, it'll perk up even the most jaded appetites. Recipe...

  • Great Stale Bread Recipe Ideas

    Great Stale Bread Recipe Ideas

    4 years ago

    Stale bread is an essential ingredient in many regional cuisines. It's used for soups, sauces, salads, desserts and even as "pasta". Recipe for a Sardinian bread "lasagne" here.

  • 15

    The Secrets of Baking Real, Artisanal Breads

    2 months ago

    Real or artisanal bread only has five ingredients: flour, water, leaven, salt and TIME. Read more to find out what real bread is all about, and follow my journey in homemade sourdough.

  • 3

    Tripe For Delicious and Cheap Meals

    22 months ago

    Tripe is one protein that is either loved or hated, depending on your first encounter with it. It's a shame to miss out on tripe. There are a multitude of truly delicious tripe dishes. And you really cannot get a cheaper form of protein. If you've avoided tripe before, try this spicy Indonesian...

  • Hard Boiled Eggs - Recipe Ideas

    Hard Boiled Eggs - Recipe Ideas

    22 months ago

    Hard-boiled eggs aren't just for sandwich fillings. They are one of the most versatile ingredients. Stuffed hard-boiled eggs are elegant finger food. Their flavours & textures can be transformed by braising, deep-frying. As a garnish, they add substance to a dish as well. Recipe for Spanish Green...

  • Hanukkah Food Traditions

    Hanukkah Food Traditions

    4 years ago

    The Jewish festival of Hanukkah (or Chanukah) happens around December. Significant historical events imbue Hanukkah food traditions. The miracle of the oil is reflected in the dominance of deep fried foods at this time of year. Cheese-based foods stem from the story of the heroine Judith. Recipe...

  • 6

    Sweet and Sour in Italian and Other Cuisines

    6 months ago

    "Sweet and sour" is a flavour combination that is usually associated with Chinese cuisine. However, this flavour combination features strongly in European cuisines as well. In Italian cuisine, there are innumerable regional "agrodolce" (literally sour sweet) dishes. Recipe for my version of an...

  • 2

    Celery: European & Asian Varieties and Uses

    22 months ago

    The mild-flavoured European celery used to be considered an exotic Italian vegetable. Celeriac is the root vegetable variant of celery, developed by Renaissance Italian gardeners. Intensely flavoured Asian celery looks more like parsley. Celery, whether European or Asian, is considered to be great...

  • Rosh Hashanah: Jewish New Year

    Rosh Hashanah: Jewish New Year

    4 years ago

    Food traditions of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. This recipe for Lekach (Honey Cake) which features during this festival has passed the ultimate test: a Jewish grandmother's approval!

  • 2

    How To Make Cumquat Marmalade

    22 months ago

    Cumquats (or kumquats) are fantastic for marmalade. The fruits of this attractive small citrus tree can also be brandied, candied and more.

  • 2

    Cherries: Varieties, Uses, History

    4 years ago

    Sweet cherries are great for fresh eating. But sour cherries freeze well & are fantastic in cooking. Ideas for using sour cherries and recipe for cherry cake.

  • 3

    Italian Soups: The Difference Between Zuppa and Minestra

    7 weeks ago

    Ever wondered why some Italian soups are called Zuppa and others are called Minestra? This is a tale of class distinctions and includes a recipe for Sicilian zuppa di asparagi (asparagus soup).

  • 10

    Steamed Dishes in Chinese Home Cooking

    8 weeks ago

    In Chinese cuisine, humble home-style dishes are very different from restaurant dishes and street food. Steaming is a common method of home-style cooking. Quick and economical, these tasty dishes are great for tight household budgets. Guidelines for steaming techniques and recipe ideas here.

  • 4

    Torta Della Nonna and Other Lemon Desserts

    22 months ago

    The lemon is one of the most versatile fruits in the kitchen. This sour fruit is ideal for making sweet treats like muffins, cakes, desserts etc. Recipe for the lemon tart filling by Rene Verdon (chef to the late Jacqueline Kennedy at the Whitehouse). Try out my recipe for Torta Della Nonna.

  • 6

    A Potted History of Pies (Plus Chicken Macaroni Pie Recipe)

    5 months ago

    Pies have very interesting history that dates back to around 17th century BC. Learn the history of pie and try a Malaysian chicken and macaroni pie, a delicious product of British colonial times.

  • 4

    Pasta: Artisanal vs Industrial

    4 years ago

    Fresh pasta isn't necessarily superior to dried pasta. Dried pasta is made with semola (not the same thing as semolina). Semola has other uses besides pasta making. There's a huge difference between dried pasta made by the traditional (artisanal) process and that by industrial process. Try this...

  • Rice Feasts of SEAsia

    Rice Feasts of SEAsia

    22 months ago

    Rice is the star ingredient in many South East Asian cuisines, with veritable banquets named as a style of rice. Hainan Chicken Rice is so popular in Malaysia and Singapore that this "street food" dish is now served in posh hotels. Recipe for Nasi Lemak (coconut rice) which can be a simple or grand...

  • 9

    Strawberry & Raspberry Desserts

    3 years ago

    Strawberries & raspberries are wonderful simply served with cream. They are also easily transformed into mouth-watering desserts with very little effort.

  • Passover or Pesach: A Repast with a Past

    Passover or Pesach: A Repast with a Past

    4 years ago

    The Jewish festival of Pesach or Passover is rich with rituals. These draw on ancient agricultural spring festivals which have been reinterpreted to tell the story of the Exodus. 7 symbolic foods are used to recount the events of that time. Use of leavening is also strictly prohibited at this time....

  • Apples in Cakes and Desserts

    Apples in Cakes and Desserts

    22 months ago

    Apples are wonderful in cakes and desserts. Tips on how to choose apples for cooking as well as ideas for apple desserts. Recipes for Apple Streusel Cake and a Warm Apple Cake Dessert.

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    Using Tamarind in Cooking

    4 years ago

    Tamarind is the souring agent of choice in tropical Asian cuisines. Guide to buying & prepare tamarind. Using tamarind in cooking. Other "types" of tamarind such as assam gelugur. Recipe for Indonesian Sour Vegetable "Soup".

  • 7

    Chips & Crackers: Not Just Snack Foods

    18 months ago

    Chips and crackers are often thought of as snacks or nibbles that you have with drinks. However, in Indonesian cuisine, they are part & parcel of the main meal. Read more about the vast varieties of crisps & crackers - from seafood crackers to tempe crisps and their uses beyond snacks. Try this...

  • 74

    How to Make Prawn Crackers at Home

    3 months ago

    Want prawn crackers that actually taste like prawns? Make your own! Here's how to do it.

  • 11

    What's the Difference Between Sponge, Genoise and Chiffon Cakes?

    3 months ago

    Sponge vs. genoise vs. chiffon cakes—what's the difference? Also: Tips for making light and airy cakes, a recipe for powder puffs (aka sponge kisses), and videos.

  • Food as Medicine:Seasonal Eating

    Food as Medicine:Seasonal Eating

    3 years ago

    Skip the pill bottles! In traditional or natural medicine systems, food IS medicine. A balanced diet is about keeping your body balanced internally and with the external environment. Seasonal eating, preferably of local ingredients, is the best way of staying healthy. It's much cheaper as well to...

  • 4

    Sesame: History and Uses

    4 years ago

    Sesame has long been associated with magical powers. It was the "password" to great treasures in the story of Ali Baba & the 40 Thieves. It's also pretty magical in cookery with lots of uses in sweet & savoury dishes. Sesame seed paste (tahini) is used in both Middle Eastern & Chinese cuisines....

  • 2

    Chinese New Year Food Traditions

    4 years ago

    Chinese New Year is a 15 day long celebration. Chinese people don't just wish for prosperity, they eat for it as well! Names of festive dishes have tonal puns for luck, prosperity and longevity.

  • 8

    Pineapple:History and Uses

    6 weeks ago

    Pineapple jam tarts are popular in SE Asia. Step-by-step instructions for making these tarts and lots more information about pineapples.

  • Pumpkins the Italian Way

    Pumpkins the Italian Way

    3 years ago

    Go beyond pumpkin soup & roast pumpkin! Italian cuisine has a raft of wonderful ways of using this humble gourd. Recipe for Italian pumpkin soup which includes red wine & accompanied with a rice pilaf.

  • Basil: Legends, Varieties and Uses

    Basil: Legends, Varieties and Uses

    4 years ago

    Basil has more legends associated with it than you can poke a stick it. There are just as many types of basil; just about one for every cuisine or dish. Easy to grow, you can have a world of basil in pots or the vegie patch easily. Try this Stir Fried Chicken with Lemon Basil.

  • 28

    The Secret Story of the Common Orange: History, Types and Recipes

    2 months ago

    The ordinary orange has a rich and fascinating history. Learn about the connection between oranges and elephants. And the role this fruit played in French politics. Also included: ideas for using oranges in cooking and a recipe for caramel oranges.

  • 2

    Edible Flowers and Use in Cooking

    4 years ago

    Flowers aren't just for decorative effects on the table. Many flowers are edible. The glorious scent of the tropical torch ginger (bunga kantan in Malay)makes it an essential ingredient in Nonya cuisine. Recipe for Penang classic: Gulai Tumis (sour fish curry).

  • 0

    No Stir Risotto

    12 years ago

    The perfect creamy risotto can be achieved without slaving over a stove, stirring constantly as you add stock. This no-stir method by celebrated Italian rice supremo Gabriele Ferron, produces exquisite risotto provided you use the right types of rice. Recipe for a risotto made for the President of...

  • Mint - A Versatile Herb For Sweet And Savory Dishes

    Mint - A Versatile Herb For Sweet And Savory Dishes

    9 years ago

    Mint is one of the most versatile herbs. There are almost endless varieties, each with its own distinctive flavour and fragrance. Recipe for Flourless Chocolate Mint Cake.

  • 0

    Coconut cooking

    6 years ago

    Coconut is the milk of the tropics. Should you use dessicated or fresh (or frozen) grated coconut? Depends on the recipe. Tips for choosing coconut milk or coconut cream. Recipe for Kaya, the popular Malaysian coconut & egg jam which is luxuriously rich & fragrant.

  • Rocket, roquette, ruchetta, rucola

    Rocket, roquette, ruchetta, rucola

    11 years ago

    The salad leaf rocket goes by many names including roquette, arugula, rucola etc. The so-called "wild rocket" (known as ruchetta in Italian) is NOT related to the common rocket. Ruchetta, being far more intensely flavoured, is used more as a aromatic herb than a vegetable. Ideas for using ruchetta...

  • 3

    2 Ways to Make Candied Citrus Peels

    3 months ago

    Candied citrus peels, like orange, citron, and lemon, are wonderful treats. They can be eaten on their own, dipped in chocolate, or used in baking. I'll show you a quick method and a traditional one!


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