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I like to live with adventure and romance with the exotic. My family believe that I have not grown up I live in the spot of the moment and I am told that I have too much imagination to realize it, can’t be all that good for me. I have two children, which I grew up with and are great withstanding because they have been able to resist me. They are the sun of my live they are both very smart the both are in College/University, Definitely without my help. One studies Surgeon Assistance that is my daughter and My son studies Mechanical Engineering in Purdue. They have made my dreams come true.

I love to travel and after my children I have spent my time doing just that I live with husband in Comayagua Honduras. In small town called San Luis where every one is very friendly and knows every one. He is what you call a real cowboy that wrestle cows that ones that don’t want to be slaughtered and we also have a coffee plantation in which we harvest in the months of December and January.

Most my hubs might be a bit odd but it’s only things are hard difficult but I will re-compensate. I say odd cause I will come with topics that are not usual that come out of head. I am just for warning you, might want to stay tuned to the next time.

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