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I am still in training as a Medical practitioner, but writing is my Life wire and engine room. I now have a website.

http://drfunommakama.com/ is a multi-tasking and an all round compound entertaining site. It focuses on educating, informing, relaxing and even communicating with its viewers and visitors. it has a whole lots of variety which can spice up one's morning, bless one's evening and fulfill one's night each and every single day. That is to say, it's a complete package which connects and relates with an individual's mind, body and soul.

It consists of the articles section which teaches, reveals and informs its visitors on some actual facts and truths about Medicine, health related issues, relationships, love, sexuality, entertainment, spirituality and even sports. World events are not left out as anything about Africa, from its various countries, to cultures, recipes and important persons are shared under the Afropedia network.. this network is intended to showcase only the positives about Africa, as most parts of the world depict the continent to wars, inter-tribal conflicts and riots, sufferings and poverty which are in most cases exaggerated. Africa has a very good side and the Afropedia network is meant to showcase those aspects of Africa, the west would never show to the world.

The Most overwhelming part of such a rare site is the Music Channel tool. There are 25 Music Channels consisting of different genre of Music, ranging from gospel to Secular. All Aspect of music have been touched, covering all ages and cultures of people of the world. Try to check the Music Channels out and see for yourself. Most of the tools and networks are attached with a comment box for our viewers and visitors to leave constructive comments after using each tool to let us know how we can improve to serve you better. If you enjoy the music the channels offer to you, do well to share it with friends.

Finally, there is a suggestion box just under the contact tool. We will gladly appreciate it if you leave your suggestions, complaints, criticism and even recommendations in the suggestion box, so that we can be able to meet your needs adequately. For more information, click on the website link of this profile page.


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