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Welcome to the profile of Higher Education where enlightenment is just a click away! Find out how you can further education for really cheap or free depending on what you want to achieve with your higher education, learn new things, gain knowledge of current events in the world & how it plays into the NWO / Agenda 21 conspiracy (deffinition: a plan created by 1 or more people) as well as the TRUTH of the world reality.

I'm an avid researcher who enjoys sharing and enlightening others with what I have learned throughout life. I may not be considered an expert by some fancy piece of paper, or have the best formal education... just a degree in web design. However, I have spent my whole life researching, experiencing, and learning new things, and I'm sure you will find that I have a lot of very interesting, helpful, and valuable information to share. After all, it is not the piece of paper that determines the intelligence of a person, but the individual's determination in seeking out true knowledge and information.

My love for writing began with poetry and short stories, as I was always one of those out of the box, black sheep, and felt writing poetry and short stories was the only way I was able really to express myself. Now I write because my life exeperiences and research have allowed me to see how I can help others from the experiences I've had through my writing, plus both writing and helping others are just a couple of my many passions!

If you enjoy my writing or find what I share useful, feel free to become one of my readers, (sorry, I know the term is "followers", however I prefer the term readers, as a follower does things to fit in with the rest of the crowd, where as a reader is an individual who simply enjoys reading about certain topics or enjoys reading written works from certain authors.) Find me on Google+, or subscribe to my feed.

Your feedback is important to me as it will not only help me to improve my writing, but it will help me to continue writing about topics that interest you, so please feel free to leave feedback. I really enjoy sharing what I have learned, and I hope you will enjoy it, find it useful or helpful, and share with those you know would enjoy it as well.

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