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As a free spirited and enthusiastic "life junkie" I'm passionate about sports, exercise and health, cooking, eating and anything food related. My independent nature and adventurous attitude have, over the years, led to very unusual experiences and lifestyle choices that go "outside the box". That's where HubPages fits in. Now, I can share this knowledge with readers all over the world. What an oppportunity!

All of this hasn't changed...my positive attitude is relentless. But, my physical health recently took a left turn; a major heart incident. Every day, I'm regaining my strength and confidence, literally! I don't preach but... to all smokers out there:


The things I love are:

- the solitude and peace of early morning with a great cup of coffee

- having a good laugh

- listening to inspiring music ( Classical, Jazz, Rock) really anything that soothes the soul

- all the nuances of food; taste, texture, origin, cuisine, nutrition, flavor and eating experience that contribute to its sensual nature

- an exilarating workout ( daily if possible)

- sharing advice that is helpful to others

- exploring all the possibilities life has to offer

Join me on this journey and hopefully I can entertain and provide practical info that anyone can use to make life more fulfilling and enjoyable.


And by all means, if you love to write and have it published on the interwebs, join me on Hubpages and share your thoughts.

Update January 5, 2014

I left the fold a few years ago, but I'm back Hubbing part-time. Feels good to be back, I'm hoping to reaquaint myself with all my old Hubbuddies. And looking forward to meeting all the new (to me) Hubbers out there.

All the best...



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