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I am but a student in the United States, with ideas aplenty to share with the world around me. I am also an author, and my first book, The Plight of a People, is to be published within a month or so. Feel free to check out my website to learn more.

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  • On the Pledge of Allegiance

    On the Pledge of Allegiance

    5 weeks ago

    The Pledge of Allegiance is practiced in schools across the country with nobody questioning it or its content. But should this really be the case?

  • Presenting Religion in Fiction

    Presenting Religion in Fiction

    3 months ago

    Many writers have incorporated religion into their fiction, most notably in the genres of sci-fi and fantasy. How could their depictions of religion, no matter the context, be improved?

  • The World Revolution

    The World Revolution

    3 months ago

    The world has experienced two referendums in recent times that have shaken up the powers that be in their respective regions. What will the future hold for the people groups in question and others?

  • Ancient Warfare In Literature

    Ancient Warfare In Literature

    4 months ago

    Many of our perceptions about the past are falsehoods bred of the fiction of the past and present. But how has this effected us and our society?

  • The Division of America

    The Division of America

    4 months ago

    The divisiveness of American politics has become a serious threat to our political discourse. What is the future of this? How can it be stopped?