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An ex-Indian Air Force fighter pilot, commercial pilot and now a Crew Resource Management and Human Factors instructor with varied interests ranging from nature to photography to philosophy to leadership & management and strategy, including international relations.

Love to write based on my past experiences, knowledge and research on subjects of my interest. These days birds occupy a special place in my heart and keep me hooked, entertained and occupied. I have written about the small (3 grams) and very entertaining Hummingbird; the noisy Common Grackle; the pretty 'Family' bird - Blue Jay.

I have also shared my experiences of how to create a high performance team; how to mentally prepare for a job interview; and how to give effective presentations.

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  • A 'Family' Bird -  The Blue Jay

    A 'Family' Bird - The Blue Jay

    4 years ago

    Blue Jays are beautiful, intelligent, noisy, and family oriented birds that can teach us a lot about workload sharing, child rearing, and family values. Their name is based on their colour and sound.

  • Creating a High Performance Team at Work

    Creating a High Performance Team at Work

    4 years ago

    A winning team comprises happy faces, motivated individuals, and high performance. A winning team can be created by an effective leader through articulating a well defined goal that is accepted and committed to by every...

  • The Basics of Human Communications

    The Basics of Human Communications

    4 years ago

    Effective communications implies the transfer of information from the sender to the receiver and should lead to the same meaning being shared by each of them, at the completion of the transaction(s).

  • Work is Worship

    Work is Worship

    4 years ago

    There is research that shows examples of super-organisms which exhibit behaviour such that they put the best interest of the group ahead of their own. Honey bees are one of those super-organisms that display this...