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I am Pawan Kumar Jha. I am a writer. I write almost everything over different subjects, both from technology and non-technology domains. I have done my graduation in Commerce in 2006 from CM College (Darbhanga, Bihar). I have expertise as a writer in subjects associated with healthcare, real estate, spirituality, divinity, fiction and others. However, I am mostly fascinated with technology and love to write on technical things whenever the fancy takes me.

As a writer, I believe what Stephen King once quoted as saying that both writing and reading, if done excessively, will afford excellence in your skill as a writer. It trumps the talent.

I read short stories, novels and magazines both in Hindi and English, as I believe the mind must be in possession of high quality ideas/materials to be a great writer regardless of the linguistic sources you derive the ideas from. My hobbies include writing, reading, watching movies and surfing the internet.

Since writing is a never-ending journey and attaining perfection in it just a mirage, I, therefore, continue with it without expecting perfection. I just want to be a writer that adds values to the life of readers. I am not madly obsessed with writing, but I respect it as I respect myself and try to bring from it a worth, a quality and uniqueness that I and others perceive it as a privileged piece of work.

There is no accounting for my taste when it comes to writing – whatever ideas that strike the chord and which I find interesting and worth writing, I just start writing on them.

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