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Even before I could write, I dictated stories to my Mom, who wrote them down and kept them for me. I supplied the illustrations, as I l had an obsession with drawing, as well as writing.

I grew up in agriculture in a highly traditional family, and chose to be homeschooled K-12. I feel this has given me an advantage over many of my peers, because I was encouraged early to pursue my dreams, and furthermore, was provided the time and some of the means to make them real. I have gotten to be a horse trainer, published author, Christian teacher, wife, and homemaker, and worked hand-in-hand with my husband in his construction business until recently.

While some dreams are still in the works, I got to marry the love of my life at 19, and have had two children with him. I have a relationship with God that provides me with hope and stability, and a companionship that surpasses everything else.

My interests are broad, and I often find myself up to the eyeballs in projects of all sorts. I enjoy the challenge of homeschooling/unschooling my children, and look forward to sharing some of the journey with you.

I feel that my writing talent is but one of the many things I can use to show my gratitude for all God has chosen to do in my life, and you will, no doubt, be hearing more about Him by and by.

All the best to you, and may all your dreams be worth living.

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