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I am an instructor on Emergency Care Courses and is the Lead Instructor of Basic Lifesaving Solutions Training Center .

For First aid, Basic Life Support, Advance Cardiac Life Support Course, and other Emergency Care Courses with international completion cards, send email to: info@basiclifesaving.org

You may also visit www.basiclifesaving.org or visit our facebook fan page: http://facebook.com/basiclifesavingsolutions

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  • The Good Samaritan Law

    The Good Samaritan Law

    19 months ago

    First aid treatment is necessary, but one should be aware that laws vary from state to state and country to country. This article provides a general idea about the good samaritan law.

  • How To Apply A Face Bandage

    How To Apply A Face Bandage

    19 months ago

    This is a step by step guide in applying a bandage on the face or back of the head should a victim encounter burns on said are. Bear in mind that burns can lead to infection and obviously it is very important that the...

  • How To Apply A Head Scalp Bandage

    How To Apply A Head Scalp Bandage

    19 months ago

    a step by step guide in applying head scalp bandage

  • Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation

    Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation

    8 years ago

    CPR and Mouth to mouth resuscitation are two different things.... read the difference...

  • How to control Bleeding

    How to control Bleeding

    9 years ago

    Wounds are of different kinds. However, any kind of wound may tend to bleed most especially if the vessels are injured. The amount of blood or pressure would depend on the vessels involve. The different kinds of...

  • AED


    19 months ago

    For every minute that the defibrillation is delayed, there is a 10% decrease in survival. One way to defibrillate early is by the use of an Automated External Defibrillator.

  • BLS CPR Training Guide

    BLS CPR Training Guide

    19 months ago

    Learn CPR and learn how to save a life

  • First Aid Training

    First Aid Training

    19 months ago

    First aid knowledge may mean the difference between life and death. Who knows the life you save may be your own....