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    "A bad night on the mountain"

    10 years ago

    The hair on my neck was standing on end, the moment when you know something bad is about to take place....I slowly opened my eyes to the darkness. Being in a tent, 15 miles back in the wilderness, no fire, no light, nothing....THAT kind of darkness....

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    "The Rut is On!!"

    10 years ago

    As the sun settled to the West, Will (my future step son), and I quickly made our way down the trail......the leaves unfortunately crackling under our footsteps. We cautiously entered what we call the "hunt zone", a mere 250 yards from the back...

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    "Big buck shows himself!"

    10 years ago

    Due to the earlier rain storm, the leaves were silent under my feet. Making my way to my stand, I noticed movement to my right, but over 300 yards away. Using my binocular's, I glassed through the tall grass and made out the tips of thick antlers,...

  • It's opening day deer season!

    It's opening day deer season!

    10 years ago

    As I walked through the back field to the deer stand early yesterday morning, the fog lay over the land like a thick molasses. Visibility was poor, but that was good in a way, as the deer wouldn't be able to see me as easily as I moved silently on...

  • Quality Conversation with your Spouse/Partner

    Quality Conversation with your Spouse/Partner

    11 years ago

    This will be short and to the point....I was doing some reading (The 5 Love Languages) this morning, and wanting to learn more about keeping my relationship with my sweetie as a priority, and came across some good advice. This was a book about...

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    "A day in the Western life"

    11 years ago

    The brisk, morning air awoke Dillon from his deep slumber. He emerged from the bedroll fully dressed. A blanket of frost covered his beard as he slipped his boots on for the ride ahead. The fire needed stoking and Jackson, his horse needed hay. They...

  • Early Morning Risers

    Early Morning Risers

    11 years ago

    The morning frost covered the tall switch grass as the silhouettes moved silently through the cover. I was camera ready, perched 16 feet above the field that funneled the deer past my stand. The wind was gently blowing from the North, straight in...

  • The things that make me wonder...

    The things that make me wonder...

    11 years ago

    OK, gotta tell a story.....Was working last night/this morning for the DD service I work with part time. My co-worker and I were coming back from dropping off our 7th inebriated customer of the night, (safely got her home), and I decided to take a...

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    "White Sands of the Keys"

    12 years ago

    The sun warms his face as he rides South on the highway from Miami, down to the southernmost tip of Florida.....Key West. Just 90 miles more and he'll be there! The sound of his bike puts him into a trance, he's on a mission now.....and nothing will...

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    "A Cowboy and His Horse, Friends For Life"

    12 years ago

    Dalton had traveled many miles over the last few days. He was weary, just as his horse, Spirit was. Spirit was an amazing friend to him, and he would follow him where ever he would go...if Dalton allowed it. He had picked him up in a game of poker...

  • 8

    "Sue Gets A Visitor"....Part II

    12 years ago

    "Doctor, have you seen Sue's latest reports?".....the nurse asks. "She seems to be improving over the last several months, and she's been asking about some cowboy she barely knew many years ago." The doctor raises his eyes from the papers he's...

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    "A Wrangler's Heart".....Part I

    11 years ago

    The heat from the western sun was bearing down on Cody as he rode the perimeter of the enormous ranch, mending the fences, tightening the barbed wire, and filling holes dug by the foxes, and prairie dogs. A broken leg on a cow meant certain death,...

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    "But my brother said I would be fine!"....Famous last words!

    12 years ago

    "Jeffrey, come on, you'll be fine.....TRUST ME buddy!", said my older brother Wayne.......Here I was, just 10 years old, a regular little boy with an imagination that could conjure up any crazy stunt in a matter of seconds. My older brother, I'll...

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    "We're going ballistic man!"

    12 years ago

    "Tower, this is Shaw 465, and....we....are.....ready to taxi....please advise, you copy?......."Yes sir, Shaw 465, you are clear for taxi to Runway 2. Call us...... when you are........ready for take-off."......"Roger that tower, Shaw 465 out!." It...

  • Hiking the

    Hiking the "Wind River Range", Pinedale, WY

    12 years ago

    It was early November of 2009, and my buddy Monty and I had to get one last hike in before I moved back to Georgia. We decided that the Wind River Range, 70 miles East of Jackson Hole, WY would be a great place to hike. We'd seen the pictures and...

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    "I have what?....My bout with Cancer"

    12 years ago

    "SSGT Randolph, I need you to go to my office and wait for me there." That was my Hospital surgeon Doc Williams, the man who would help save my life in 1997.....It was February 12th, 1997, and I was a Medical Technician/EMT-B serving in the United...

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    "My woodburnings"

    11 years ago

    It all started back in 1972...I was 10 years old, doing the usual things kids do.....getting into mischief, doing things parents worried about, like playing with fire in the woods, burning models, you know, the regular stuff..... My dad realized...

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    "Night at the Rodeo"

    12 years ago

    It was a hot, muggy night in Georgia.....The stench of manure was in the air, but the excitement was all around! It would be an interesting night for me and my buddy Andy. The year was 1995, and I was looking for my usual adrenaline rush. Andy and I...

  • My life in Jackson, WY

    My life in Jackson, WY

    11 years ago

    I never thought I'd be living in Jackson Hole, WY, but it happened after making my mind up one day in May of 2009. I had been laid off earlier in 2007, and was bouncing from job to job trying to find a career. Plus, I had just gone through a divorce...


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