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LaWanda (LaWandaDenise)

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  • The Ultimate Blueberry Muffin

    The Ultimate Blueberry Muffin

    4 years ago

  • My Misery (In Silence)

    My Misery (In Silence)

    4 years ago

    Inspirational poetry for people suffering with depression and/or other mental disorders.

  • The Soul Knows

    The Soul Knows

    8 years ago

    It remembers, unspoken words and whispers, butterflies and burning fires. It remembers. From one lifetime to the next, it remembers. Whips and wins, blessings and sins, it remembers. Hiding, mysteriously, within dark chambers, ...

  • A Little More Sun

    A Little More Sun

    5 years ago

    A little more Sun for the dark skinned sister, please? It gives me the power to live! When I lay in the clay, that was used to mold me, Shine down into that dirt and watch life spring from my body still. A little more Sun for...

  • A Sign

    A Sign

    10 years ago

    By LaWanda Felton Joy comes after pain And it is the definition of her name. And just like the rainbow that appears After the rain, She is a sign, A sign from the Creator of Design. The glimpse of her sight, is a work of Art,...

  • No Regrets

    No Regrets

    5 years ago

    No regrets, I'm better yet. Trials? Yes. Hard times? Yes. Discourage? Yes. But no regrets. Don't move my mountain. Don't calm my storm. Just give me the strength to weather and climb on. No regrets, I'm better yet! Got a long way...

  • Off Task

    Off Task

    11 years ago

    I’m not sure if this is good, But I can’t resist the fight. I should focus on the task at hand instead of wandering off course, but all I can be is me. So to lessen the distress of missing this chance to share what it feels like to...

  • I Don't

    I Don't

    4 years ago

    I don't wonder if you miss me because somehow I know you do. Regardless of what you tell everybody else I know what we had was true. I don't have any regrets because I am convinced that every moment we spent was heaven sent. I...

  • If It Ain't Real

    If It Ain't Real

    11 years ago

    If it ain't real? Then why does it feel so real? Why does it feel so good? Why can't I let go? This love I've found is so divine. This time.....I'm choosing life. I'm learning to trust the one that trusted me. I'm choosing to love the...

  • The Zulu Personal Declaration

    The Zulu Personal Declaration

    11 years ago

    I I am I am woman I am a beautiful and black woman I am a loving woman I am a strong yet sensitive woman I am a loved woman by my heavenly Father, an earthly father, mother, sister, husband, daughter, and a son. I am a fortunate...

  • Peeling Life's Hull

    Peeling Life's Hull

    11 years ago

    Like peeling purple hull peas, ripened by His sun, His everlasting arm, has proven strong. The aspiration to reach thine devine destiny runs deep. Lack of knowledge deems the destiny bleak. Peeling life's hull; piece by...

  • Negative Image

    Negative Image

    14 years ago

    I look in the mirror and all I see is a negative image of me. I look for some right, I look for some good, but all I find is some wrong. Always thinking negative and never positive, always looking down and never lifting up. Why is it when I...


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