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  • Warri: The Second Richest City in Nigeria

    Warri: The Second Richest City in Nigeria

    3 weeks ago

    Warri the second richest city in Nigeria. Warri, the heartbeat of Delta State, Nigeria. Warri; Nigeria's Oil city. Warri; the wealth pride of Nigeria.

  • Life is a Paradise

    Life is a Paradise

    6 weeks ago

    Life is a paradise and was designed to be enjoyed by the creator Jesus Christ. The world is your oyster; enjoy it while you can. Live life to the fullest, explore the world, tour famous places while you are at it. God designed our lives in such a way that we live enjoyable lives with him leading us!

  • Let Jesus Possess You!

    Let Jesus Possess You!

    7 weeks ago

    Jesus is a spirit. Jesus is God. God is a spirit with an embodiment of trillions of spirits. Simply put; God is a bag of spirits! Jesus is real and has power like no other deity you know. His power is absolute, supreme, top of the class! Let Jesus possess u and the difference will be crystal clear!

  • How to Maintain a Love Relationship

    How to Maintain a Love Relationship

    7 weeks ago

    Love is a beautiful thing and requires some level of maintenance to keep it going. It is sometimes easy to start a relationship but it takes some level of commitment to keep it going. Invest time maintaining an existing good relationship rather than jump into a new one whenever it is convenient.

  • Eight Lies Satan tell People

    Eight Lies Satan tell People

    7 weeks ago

    Satan is real and exist in our world! The devil lives on earth. He is real and I will like to use this article to awake those who are still spiritually asleep and ignorant of the physicality of the devil in our world. I will also like to tell you that Satan is not your friend, do not be fooled!!!

  • Is there Still Power in Christianity?

    Is there Still Power in Christianity?

    2 months ago

    The question as to whether or not there is still power in Christianity is a question seriously in need of answering. Christianity I believe is one of the oldest religion, if not the oldest religion in the world with a large following. Is Christianity still as powerful as it professes? Lets find out!

  • How to Use Twitter for Music Promotion

    How to Use Twitter for Music Promotion

    8 weeks ago

    Twitter is one of the easiest ways for musicians to promote their music online. Use it effectively to get noticed online. Twitter really works! Most celebrities promote their works online via twitter. Most politicians also use twitter to get their messages across to the public.

  • Four Ways to Make Your Marriage Last a Lifetime!

    Four Ways to Make Your Marriage Last a Lifetime!

    8 weeks ago

    Marriage is a sacred institution that should be idolized. This article gives you the four easy ways to make your marriage last a lifetime!

  • Educational Comics For School Children

    Educational Comics For School Children

    3 months ago

    Comics generally are fun for everyone. Using comics for educational purpose helps to motivate and engage students. It makes the learning process for kids easier and much more interesting. For teachers; it makes teaching kids much more rewarding and...

  • Tiles for Garage Floors

    Tiles for Garage Floors

    7 weeks ago

    Tiles for garage floors are a great way to keep your garage floors looking good. It also increases the financial value of your home. It is recommended that you use tiles for your garage floor.

  • Are black people becoming racist?

    Are black people becoming racist?

    8 weeks ago

    For racism to become a thing of the past, we as blacks also need to practice what we preach. Share love and forgiveness even in the midst of hate!

  • Finding Your Soulmate

    Finding Your Soulmate

    7 weeks ago

    Your Soulmate is your perfect half! However, one major problem is that most people don’t get to see or meet them in their lifetime. Your Soul mate is your destined partner; is that special person who is supposed to give you all the joy and happiness you desire, and your soul mate should complete you

  • Pregnant and Attractive

    Pregnant and Attractive

    7 weeks ago

    You can look super appealing even during pregnancy. Pregnancy is beautiful especially if you have got the loving support of your spouse or even family members.The idea of bringing a new life into this amazing world gets me all started. Pregnancy and looking attractive at the same time is attainable!

  • Four ways to get over a heartbreak

    Four ways to get over a heartbreak

    2 months ago

    Heartbreaks cause feelings of great sadness especially when someone you love leaves you for another. A BROKEN HEART CAN BE MENDED BUT A SCATTERED HEART CANNOT (when someone dies). So, when you experience a heartbreak, always remember that it can be mended with greater love. Go on an adventure!

  • Five Ways to Give an Engagement Ring

    Five Ways to Give an Engagement Ring

    7 weeks ago

    Presenting your Fiancée with an engagement ring should not be taken lightly. There are unique ways to spur your intentions with a ring. Therefore, I recommend that you present that 'long awaited' engagement ring in style! In this article, I have penned down five ways to give an engagement ring.

  • A story about my pet Dog

    A story about my pet Dog

    7 weeks ago

    Animals especially dogs are a great pet to have. I find them to be a very great companion. My pet dog's name was Timmy and i had him for three years plus. My vet doctor said that Timmy was a German Shepard mix breed. Dogs are a great pet to have. Go on, read my story!


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