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  • Employment Agencies: The Seventy-Five Percent Solution?

    Employment Agencies: The Seventy-Five Percent Solution?

    11 years ago

    More jobs? Not really. In today’s misleading figures category, recent reports indicate there has been some modest growth in the number of new jobs in America. That’s good. When one drills into the numbers, however, it becomes apparent that...

  • Dealing With Workplace Gossip

    Dealing With Workplace Gossip

    11 years ago

    Workplace gossip is as old as the workplace I was strolling down the hall one day when I overheard someone say “Well, you know people are going to talk”. Having no idea what or whom this conversation concerned, I kept walking. But, I was...

  • What is Your J.T.I. (Job Tolerability Index)?

    What is Your J.T.I. (Job Tolerability Index)?

    11 years ago

    Your job may be slowly killing you As I noted I a previous article, people love to complain about their jobs. There always seems to be something about work which just rubs us the wrong way. But, like everything else, it’s relative; it’s a...

  • Why You’re Not Getting Ahead

    Why You’re Not Getting Ahead

    11 years ago

    Okay. The time has come for you to “take stock” of your employment situation. You’ve been doing everything right, as far as you can tell. You’ve gone out of your way to be extra nice to the boss. You’ve worked weekends, and taken on...

  • Navigating Workplace Cliques

    Navigating Workplace Cliques

    10 years ago

    Workplace cliques can be found anywhere there are three or more employees. I was a “lone wolf” type in high school. I didn’t really fit in with any of the groups: the jocks, the hippies, the Honor Society crowd, or the future Darwin Award...

  • Don’t Kill the Messenger

    Don’t Kill the Messenger

    11 years ago

    Bet he didn't like having to give anyone bad news either. Ever had to give the boss bad news? If so, chances are you approached the task with trepidation, feeling out his mood first, tapping on his door ever so lightly, asking if he had “a...

  • Dude, Where’s My Job?

    Dude, Where’s My Job?

    12 years ago

    We’re always losing things. Our phone, our car keys, our belief in anything remotely resembling justice. And apparently over the past decade, a few million of us have lost our jobs. A few million of us. Well, never fear, for I have a good idea...

  • The Help Desk (and Other Workplace Myths)

    The Help Desk (and Other Workplace Myths)

    12 years ago

    If you work in an office environment, chances are you’ve had a problem with your computer, printer or fax machine at some time or another. And, if your office is like most, you were required to put in a help desk ticket. And, if this occurred...

  • Let’s Talk About Work, Baby

    Let’s Talk About Work, Baby

    12 years ago

    We’ve all been there. It’s quitting time on a Friday. You and your co-workers pour into a neighborhood watering hole for Happy Hour. There, you bask in the glow of 17 TVs featuring all manner of sports and video trivia, a kicking sound system...

  • Should Work be Fun?

    Should Work be Fun?

    12 years ago

    theCHIVE.com As a brick mason helper during a high school summer, one of my duties was erecting and disassembling scaffolding. One particularly hot July day, we were tearing down “triple bucks”. From 24 feet up, the plywood and planking, heavy...

  • Why There is No “I” in Team

    Why There is No “I” in Team

    12 years ago

    We’ve all heard the expression: There is no “I” in team. And, unfortunately, there is often no team in team either. We hear people toss around terms like team player, team building exercises, team this, team that, team something else. And,...

  • Consequences of Age Discrimination in the Workplace

    Consequences of Age Discrimination in the Workplace

    11 years ago

    When one takes a hard look at the consequences of age discrimination in the workplace, they tend to fall into one of two categories: consequences which impact the individual being discriminated against, and everyone else. And, there are consequences...

  • Personal Branding: Must-have or Mostly Hype?

    Personal Branding: Must-have or Mostly Hype?

    12 years ago

    I’m seeing a lot of buzz lately about personal branding, which has been defined as the process whereby people and their careers are marked as brands. There are tons of articles on the subject, ranging from how to discover your brand, to how to...

  • Is Your Workplace Dysfunctional?

    Is Your Workplace Dysfunctional?

    12 years ago

    Mention the term “dysfunctional workplace“, and most people think of a TV show like The Office, or one of the many movies in that vein. A few however, will tell you it’s their workplace; they live it everyday. I’ve been there. It’s...

  • Is Money Really a Motivator?

    Is Money Really a Motivator?

    12 years ago

    During a team meeting some time back, there was some general grousing about the stingy raises being handed out. Our supervisor explained that business was off some and we should all consider ourselves lucky to have a job. “Besides”, she then...

  • Job Interview Tips: Bring a Rabbit’s Foot

    Job Interview Tips: Bring a Rabbit’s Foot

    12 years ago

    Searching for a job in Long Beach, Calif. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson) If you’re in the job market these days, chances are you’ve been inundated with advice on how to interview. Of course, a lot of the advice is just common sense (be a few...


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